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@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ Here we have the same data, but now the file is comma-delimited and contains a h
header = T # first line contains column names, so we can
) # immediately call `students$age`
-(Note: there is also a `read.csv` function that uses `sep = ","` by default.)
+(Note: there is also a `read.csv` function.)
## help
@@ -241,4 +241,4 @@ So I'll end with some additional resources on R and ggplot2.
* [plyr]( is another fantastic R package that's also by Hadley Wickham (the author of ggplot2).
* The [official R introduction]( is okay, but definitely not great. I haven't found any R tutorials I really like, but I've heard good things about [The Art of R Programming](
-Edwin Chen :: [@edchedch](!/edchedch) :: [](
+Edwin Chen :: [@echen](!/echen) :: [](

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