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Game of Thrones Filming Location Train Scheduler
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Game of Thrones - Firebase

Game of Thrones Filming Location Train Scheduler

"Train is coming!" Hop aboard on the Game of Thrones trains to visit the GoT filming locations. This train schedule application incorporates Firebase to host arrival and departure data in "real-time". The app will retrieve and manipulate this information with Moment.js. The web application will provide up-to-date information about various trains, namely their arrival times and how many minutes remain until they arrive at their station. You can play the role of a train administrator and add/edit/delete train information. The information will automatically update each minute and is synced across multiple devices and/or browsers.

App Interface


  • Compare each train schedule and how long until the next train will arrive.
  • Enter new train information and first train time (in military time).
  • Click submit button to automate the calculations and display the new train information.
  • Click on the carousel control to control the image slides.

Click on the link!

Built with

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Firebase API for real-time, multi-device -browser synchronization
  • Moment.js to manage and calculate time in JS.
  • Responsive Web Design Media Query
  • Font Awesome and @font-face for GoT font

Here are the previews of the web application:

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