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Group Project - Hiking Trails Search App
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Take a Hike

Looking for a hiking trail in your area? This app will allow you to search for nearby trails with detailed information and maps about local trails. This is our first group project: Front-end development by Serena Stephens and Isamar Valdivia. Back-end development by Eddie Chiang and Michael Garcia.

App Interface


  • Enter key terms in the field and click search.
  • Pick one of the hits to see additional details such as difficulty, distance, weather, map.
  • Click on the map for dynamic interaction.
  • Take a virtual tour of any hiking trail using Earth.
  • Get driving directions to the start site of the trail.

Click on the link!

Built with

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript with various dynamically created elements
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • APIs (from MapBox, Hiking Project,, and Open Weather Map)
  • CSS-Materialize
  • Firebase
  • Responsive Web Design Media Query
  • Google Fonts

Here is a preview of the web application:

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