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Releases: echo3/echo3

Echo3 v3.1.0 Websocket support

06 Dec 16:37
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This is a long overdue release of the current master branch.

Besides a few enhancements within some components this mostly
noteable comes with support for Websocket connections for server-side

Recommended for legacy production application is to stick with 3.0.x releases

Echo v3.0.3 Maintenance Release

06 Dec 16:31
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This mostly fixes a bug if an echo3 application is proxied with X-Content-Type-Options nosniff
browsers fail with a message due to strict MIME type setting.

Echo v3.0.2 Maintenance Release

11 Jul 15:43
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This release is mainly a bugfix release which provides minor fixes for Internet Explorer, components widths and cursor appearance on buttons.

e3d9772 Fix width of text fields in tables in IE 8+
aba29b1 Bugfix: Serializer used locale-dependent number parser.
0717583 Use normal cursor for disabled buttons
9decd7d Style properties for read-only text components

Echo 3.0.1 Maintenance Release

08 Jul 12:59
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This is a maintenance release of the Echo 3.0.x stable edition and should be a drop-in replacement for all previous Echo 3 versions.


New Features

  • Provide Maven artifacts & Maven-based dependencies handling & deployment update
  • TravisCI based continuous integration for the Echo code base which fails on JavaDoc and JSLint errors
  • Provide a IntelliJ IDEA IDE and Eclipse IDE projects
  • Improved Ant build


  • Bugfix Sync.ListComponent _renderMainAsSelect wrapped the select field with a div. Reloads caused an increasingly deep hierarchy of div wrappers.
  • Merge branch 'hotfix/selectfield-focus' into stable-3.0.x
  • Send charset-declaration on the very first Echo bootstrap document. Otherwise IE8 assumes ISO-8859-1 and doesn't change it's mind timely. This became esp. obvious on file uploads with broken file names due to the broken encoding.
  • Fixed focus handlings on list components. This lead to broken Tab-Key expierience.

Echo 3.0.0 community release

08 Jul 12:47
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v3.0.0 Release including Maven upload

Echo 3.0.0 Release Candidate

08 Jul 12:48
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This is the last official version of Echo provided by NextApp. After that point the project is maintained by the echo community.