Echo3 Chart provides support for rendering charts using JFreeChart from within a server-side Echo3 application. All of the heavy-lifting is done by JFreeChart, this component is only a thin wrapper to simplify its use within Echo applications.
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The Echo3 Chart Library is a collection of Echo3 components to facilitate the display of charts in remote applications.

At the present time this library should be considered API-unstable, i.e., breaking changes may be made to subsequent versions of the API.


In order to build the test web application, you must have the echo3 source code checked out and built, and you must set up the location of that checkout as an environment variable. Look at the included to understand what you need to do.

To check out echo3, follow the instructions at


  1. Once you have built echo 3 framework (git clone, then ant dist)
  2. Edit the echo3chart file to reference your java version, release.version and echo.version)
  3. ant dist.testapp
  4. load the TestChart.war into your java servlet container (tomcat for example using manager)
  5. run the testapp by using a browser and hitting this url: http://localhost:8080/ChartTest/app