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Releases: echo3/echo3extras

v3.0.3 Bufix Release

11 Jul 15:22
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This is a bugfix release which handles a bugfix in the click event handling in tab panes for the Internet Explorer.

The Bug was introduced in commit 1af5bf2 (New feature: TabPane can be focused and navigated by keyboard) and affected Internet Explorer 8. Tabs had to be clicked twice to change.

v3.0.2 Maintenance Release

10 Jul 12:05
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This release solves a pure Maven-only issue regarding dependency declarations.

v3.0.1 Maintance Release

08 Jul 13:12
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This release fixes multiple minor issues with the focus management and provides the improved, Maven-compatible Ant build.


28e8c76 Prepare v3.0.1 release
32c17ae Merge branch 'feature/focusable-tab-pane' into stable-3.0.x
3811df9 Fix minor error leading to build-failure with JSLint.
b513071 Merge branch 'feature/travis-ci' into stable-3.0.x
8402cc1 Fixup Merge branch 'feature/maven-deployment' into stable-3.0.x
571caf9 Add JUnit to test execution classpath
176a55b Merge branch 'hotfix/jslint-error' into stable-3.0.x
5c948fd Merge tag 'v3.0.0' into stable-3.0.x to tell Git all's fine.
4a997b9 Various minor code fixes to make JSLint happy.
949ca0d Fixup-Merge of branch 'feature/maven-deployment' into stable-3.0.x
2102aae Travis CI Build file.
2d5bc00 Fixes ant test target by adding missing ant property
c238b18 Fail test on JSLint issues.
1af5bf2 New feature: TabPane can be focused and navigated by keyboard

v3.0.0 Official Echo Extras community release

08 Jul 13:09
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07ef124 Prepare 3.0.0 release.
7c490ab Ommit Ant warning about antruntime.
61035e0 Merge branch 'feature/idea-project'
6f214a1 Maven deployment update.
85b4489 IDEA: Interactive Testapp runnable out of IDE.
decd838 Merge pull request #1 from bschmid/feature/idea-project
cf50529 Adjustments to IDEA project
e3524ca IntelliJ IDEA project files
3fb9861 Merge branch 'master' of
8d8b111 Merge branch 'hotfix/ie9-calendarselect'
6066ad7 Align project and files to Maven-like naming style. Provide -sources.jar bundles.
192b438 Fix ant-task "release" due to missing empty dir.
ef46ed5 Configurable build properties via unversioned "".
2be79de Extras.CalendarSelect fixes for IE 9 Provided by ScoPi This commit propably needs a review as stated in the m
bd02845 Bugfix: Activation of disposed tabs
d4b4f74 Merge pull request #3 from exxcellent/master
99ff4c0 Extras.DropDownMenu font rendering
fe84c1c Extras.DropDownMenu menuWidth property support Patch provided by ScoPi