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Releases: echo3/echo3filetransfer

v3.0.2 Maintance Release

08 Jul 13:07
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This release fixes a minor glitch with the declared Maven dependencies.


937b697 Prepare fixup release 3.0.2
69bcaa1 Fix library versions in Maven POM
e707576 Prepare next snapshot version.

v3.0.0 Echo community final release

08 Jul 13:01
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This is the first official and stable release of the echo file transfer library.

v3.0.1 Maintance Release

08 Jul 13:03
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ca4f7f6 Prepare 3.0.1 release.
f3c6780 Merge branch 'hotfix/file-upload-limit-exceeded' of into stable-3.x
45d6389 Fixes bug in handling of too large file uploads
249c349 Bumb required commons-fileupload/commons-io versions
2eb49c1 Enable Travis-CI build support.
6303967 Fixup-Merge branch of 'feature/maven-deployment'
62a4246 Merge pull request #2 from ceari/feature/maven-deployment
3bb42ee Fixed POM and JAR file references in build.xml
3c63417 Merge branch 'feature/styling'
b15fb35 Document feature updates in CHANGES.txt.
c9105a4 Implementation of some visual properties for (Multi)UploadSelect. - Background, Insets and Border for all
eda51b2 Small interactive (clientside) testapp to engineer new the visual rendering properties.
1a2aeac Expanded / Updated the README.txt
d1629ae Merge branch 'feature/idea-project'
157f92a Rework IDEA project based on new maven downloaded dependencies.
4020187 Push required Echo version to 3.0.0
314b4d4 Merge branch 'feature/maven-deployment'
2a5f598 Maven deployment & resolving of required dependencies.
5b88098 Minor DIEA ant.xml update.
616b726 Directly jump to http://localhost:8080/testapp/app
9c91ee4 Jetty: User Port 10099 instead of 1099. Quite often the port is already in use and then deployment simply silently fails.
acdeb82 Provide a CHANGES.txt draft to document change on high-level.
adc1684 Change version to 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.
893d250 IDEA: Interactive Clientside & Serverside Testapps due to featurebranch feature/style.
73da894 IDEA 12 Project with Inline Jetty configuration for easier debugging. (Inline deployment requires Ultimate Edition)