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#nest.js nest.js is a thin javascript wrapper to the Echo Nest developer API.

The currently supported methods are:


* audio
* biographies
* blogs
* familiarity
* hotttnesss
* images
* profile
* news
* reviews
* songs
* similar
* terms
* video


* Profile


* Profile

To get started, you'll need to get an API key.


In addition to this document, source documentation can be generated by running This requires docco.


nest.js provides everything in a global nest object. We can create a new nest object like this

var myNest = nest.nest("your API key here");


Once you have your nest object, you can create a new artist. artist can be created with either a name, or an Echo Nest ID.

var a = myNest.artist({name: "The Sea and Cake"});
var b = myNest.artist({id: "AR94EZ61187B990729"});

Once we have our artist object, we can start calling the API. All methods take a callback function as their last argument. The callback will be called like callback(err, results). err will be null if the request was successful.

myArtist.biographies({results: 10, start: 5}, function(err, results) {
    if (err) {
        console.log("there was an error...");