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Bump version to 9.0.0 since we're eliminating an API.
Update for release 8.1.0.
Remove song.identify, util.codegen, and related utilities. With the elimination of the song/identify API, these are no longer supported.
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:echonest/pyechonest
Update show attrs example for more audio attributes.
Bump version
Map spotify idspaces
Updating links to downloads
no more 7digital alone bucket
Surface HTTP status codes in EchoNestAPIError; bump version to 8.0.1
Rename show_tempos to show_attrs and highlight more attributes. Fix some pylint noise.
Add more notes about changes in 8.0.0
Touch versions in conf.py
Update CHANGELOG for 8.0.0 changes. Fix examples to work without eyeD3 and to use 7digital-US catalog. Handle all 2xx, 4xx, 5xx response codes.
Don't create detailed analysis unless requested. Saves a bunch of time. Get attributes from the audio_summary, not by name.
Roll version to 8.0.0 since we are deleting the deprecated playlist methods.
Bump version to 7.3.0 for playlist deletions, new audio attributes.
Integrate valence, acousticness attributes for songs and tracks.
remove DeprecatedPlaylist
invalidate_song _artist
update changelog and configuration for version 7.1.1
Rev 7.1.0 to 7.1.1
Merge pull request #18 from njl/create_catalog_by_name_factory_function
Factory function to create a catalog by name, avoiding the profile call.
Adds a factory function to create a catalog by name, avoiding the profile call.
add list_genres
genres fix in proxies.py
genres field
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:echonest/pyechonest
do not do logger.basicConfig
Merge pull request #14 from alex/patch-1
Removed print statements
Removed print statements
It's inappropriate for a library to be printing to stdout.
Update pyechonest/catalog.py
Returning cat.
fix up long_description, README.md
add support for Catalog.keyvalues(); version upped to 7.1.0
CHANGELOG and setup.py updates
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:echonest/pyechonest
don't wrap in a try/except, let the exception bubble up
Merge pull request #13 from sebpiq/master
minor doc fix
small doc fix
dont crash if total isn't provided
Add some current contributors
bump version + update CHANGELOG
Deprecate the legacy Playlist, move BetaPlaylist to Playlist, add in support for new session catalog feature
more doc and .gitignore tweaks
fix up some minor doc issues
Delete old GITMOVE doc file.
bump version + update CHANGELOG
Bump version number for deletion of track/analyze methods.
Fixup comment and code in get_song_type. Improve/update comments on audio profile.
Eliminate track/analyze methods track_from_reanalyzing_id and track_from_reanalyzing_md5. Merge pull requests for timeout handling on profile calls. Fixup exception messages.
Merge pull request #12 from andreasjansson/master
Respect timeouts in track._wait_for_pending_track. Improve exception strings.
respect timeout in _wait_for_pending_track
This really bothered me, sorry
list_catalogs instead of list, resultlist response from catalog/list
bump version
don't override builtin list, return ResultList for catalog list call
Update changelog, bump version to 4.3
Support for song_type in song and playlist; bump version, update changelog
bump version
add a changelog, fix some spacing
debugging: The 'info' playlist call is unnecessary unless a user wants debug information
exception-handling: Encapsulate URL/HTTP errors in a new general class
Added EchoNestException and EchoNestIOError so that a user can use a single point for exception handling.
Note, I maintained the self.code, which was truncated before.
Merge pull request #7 from psobot/patch-1
Renamed call to non-existent function (_track_from_string) in exception handler.
Fixed bad function name (_track_from_string)
Make all track/analyze calls async.
Guard against empty song results when getting an audio summary.
Bump version to 4.2.21
Support tracks that do not have audio analysis.
Adding twitter functionality.
Adding qupdate functionality and get_item_dicts().
add manifest, bump release
beta playlist support for new dynamic playlist api, move version parameter to a single place
Added distribution parameter to static playlists, some extra info when errors are thrown, and basic playlist docs.
Add speechiness
Add sandbox methods.
don't choke if an artist does not have songs.
Don't send None to server
Fix item_id bug.
Add track_id parameters to playlist and song profile calls, add adventurousness, and catalog/read item ids.
static playlist method static now accepts dmca parameter
Edited pyechonest/catalog.py via GitHub
Merge pull request #1 from echonest/setup-readme-fix
Fix README.md name in setup.py.
Fix README.md name in setup.py.
update doc source
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:echonest/pyechonest
Edited README.md via GitHub
update gitmove
update with info about gh-pages
build documentation
added gh-pages submodule
remove submodule
updated submodule?
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:echonest/pyechonest
Edited README.md via GitHub
spell scotty's name correctly, know the alphabet, re-order readme a teensy bit
better example
fix up readme a bit
add GITMOVE info
mkrelease works for real now
update docs
increment version for initial github release
update setup.py with new github deets
fix mkrelease script for git
bringing built html into project
add gh-pages submodule
remove doc/build/html
Add version parameter to song/identify, new release
Increment version number.
Bugfix for de-pluralization of the bucket parameter.
add back in until we fix remix
updated to include artist.list_terms()
updated docs for new version
latest version updates
update 4.2.10
increment minor version
rm old gen_docs script, fix sphinx docs to compile cleanly
don't munge socket timeout
by default, use any license type
propset for html viewing
add clean docs
remove docs to add clean set
release-maker script
updated version # and catalog.py
remove old documentation in favor of sphinx docs
remove old documentation in favor of sphinx docs
fix examples and README
update to 4.2.7
version no
mime types
mime type for javascript
newest release version no
mime types for doc
propset html for docs
pyechonest documentation
removed docs
pyechonest documentation