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Fixed memory leak in pydirac #10

merged 2 commits into from Nov 1, 2012

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psobot commented Oct 31, 2012

I think I've found a pretty substantial memory leak in pydirac - a temporary array being alloc'd doesn't get Py_DECREF'd, which causes Python to hold onto the reference forever, essentially leaking the entire temporary buffer. (As pydirac is usually used on very large arrays... this leads to many-dozens-of-megabytes being lost every call.)

Memory usage without this patch:
Increasing forever!

...and with the patch:

Test program to generate the above Instruments graphs:

import audio
import dirac

a = audio.LocalAudioFile('../wubmachine/tests/mario.mp3')
for _ in xrange(0, 1000):
    dirac.timeScale(a[0:300000].data, 1.4, 44100, 0)
@psobot psobot Fixed memory leak in dirac
Temporary view of `insound` wasn't being DECREF'd, so it hung around
and never got cleaned up by the Python GC.
The Echo Nest member
psobot commented Nov 1, 2012

Found a leak in echonest.action.Crossfade too:


...and post-patch:

Test case to reproduce the above graphs:

import echonest.action

a ='../wubmachine/tests/mario.mp3')
for _ in xrange(0, 100000):
    echonest.action.Crossfade([a, a], [5, 10], 5).render()
The Echo Nest member
tjehan commented Nov 1, 2012

Awesome peter! These would be mine... oops!

@bwhitman bwhitman merged commit 31c3739 into echonest:master Nov 1, 2012
The Echo Nest member
bwhitman commented Nov 1, 2012

thanks peter!!

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