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echOpen Android mobile application


This android app aims to show medical image from an echOpen ultrasound device. See more about this project on echopen's wiki

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All work in this repository is under the licence bsd available here

How to contribute

First you have to follow Installation Guide to build the project.

We references all in-progress or future developpements on cards in Github Project.

You can pick one card you are interested to work on and you can also contact authors to discuss best way to contribute on a task. You can also report a bug or ask for new features on Github issues

We follow the described integration process:

  • fork the project on your local profile
  • implement the new feature
  • create a pull requests on echopen/master branch
  • pull request is reviewed by contributors
  • commit is integrated to echOpen project !



Installation (for Developers)

Setup environment

In order to ease the developement and to prevent the contributor from the hassle of spending days configuring. We set up a Virtual Machine, with all the tools needed. You can find all the informations here.

You can also configure manually your development environement.

As an android app, you need to install the following dependencies:

Setup echOpen mobile application

First you need to clone echOpen android mobile application project.

Before being able to build the app, you have to configure your local android project settings, in file:


Then you can build the project via Android Studio, or you can build the project by executing the Gradle wrapper from the project directory, example:


	./gradlew assembleDebug


	gradlew.bat assembleDebug

To debug the mobile application on a device:

  • Switch the Android device to dev mode (generally, tap 7 times on "Version number" in parameters)
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Connect the device to your computer (with screen unlocked to see the prompt)
  • Accept the prompt on your device, to authorize your computer
  • Launch gradlew with installDebug

Probe emulator

The probe emulator is used to mimic message exchanges between the real probe and the mobile application. In order to use it in your project you have to consider the following steps:

  • Go to the folder dedicated to probe emulator
cd ~/PRJ-medtech-androidapp/probe_emulator
  • compile the probe emulator binary using the laptop configuration
	 ./ -m PC
  • Normally the binary probe_emulator has been created in PRJ-medtech-androidapp folder and now you can run it with different options described below:
    • void option will send on a loop an image fill with only value 8192
    • plate option will send on a loop an image of a plate
    • hand option will send on a loop an image of the cross-section of a hand
    • film will send on a loop an echographic film of the cross-sections of a hand an harm
  ./probe_emulator film

The terminal shoud display the following feedback message film when probe emulator succeed to start.

  • configure the mobile application to connect to the probe on the same network.
package com.echopen.asso.echopen.utils;

public class Constants{
  public static final String REDPITAYA_IP = "your ip adress";
  • recompile the application for your mobile phone

  • connect your mobile phone on the same Wifi network as your laptop

  • run echOpen mobile application on your phone

You should normally receive the images from the probe


You can get high-level documentation on our GitBook mobile application section.

You have also access to a detailed documentation in the projectRootDirectory/doc folder and to a doxygen documentation in projectRootDirectory/doc/javadoc_app

Challenges and To Dos


To drive your code, here's the MOCKUP that we have set with medical doctors, engineers and designers.

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Code and issue about EchOpen display -- now on, #Android -- Perhaps some duplication with




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