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Title @lang=fr

Projet de kit d'expérimentation

Title @lang=en

Experiment kit project

About @lang=en

Designing a modular hardware development kit to spread the project and raise contributions.




This repository provid all is needed to make an echOpen kit. It is divided in six folders:

  • configurations, in this folder one find the different working configuration to have a functional kit. It lists the différent daughter board to plug on a mother and the mecanic modules used.
  • electronic, in this folder one can find the daughter boards sources, plans... And to software for the microcontrolers or FPGA.
  • installation, in this folder one can find the instruction to download and install the software need by your computer (linux or windows user). There is also the instructions for installing boards such as arduino or RedPitaya and how to launch the kit.
  • license, in this folder one can find the echOpen license.
  • mecanic, in this folder one can find the sources for mecanic pieces.
  • miscellanous contain informations about functions and interfaces.
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