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;;; emacs-setup.el --- Package for maintaining your emacs configuration. Clean up your .emacs!
;;; Commentary:
;; emacs-setup is an emacs package that is meant to help make maintaining your
;; emacs setup easier. Through the use of M-x customize, the following can be
;; setup through emacs-setup:
;; Add/remove directories to the load path.
;; Add/remove directories to the environment PATH.
;; Add/remove packages to require, including any accompanying setup elisp code.
;; Set/unset and save keybindings.
;; Installation:
;; The package can be installed with M-x package-list-packages (requires
;; package.el, which is included for emacs 24 but availble for 23). The MELPA
;; repository must be added to your packages setup first. Instructions can be found
;; at
;; Alternatively, the source can be pulled direclty from github:
;; If you install via package-list-packages, revive.el will be installed for you.
;; If you do not, you will need to manually get, install, and load revive.el.
;; You can find it at
;; Usage:
;; In your .emacs, load emacs-setup:
;; (load-file "~/path/to/emacs-setup/emacs-setup.el")
;; Once loaded, you can use M-x customize-group emacs-setup to setup your
;; environment.
;; emacs-setup is broken down into several parts, which can each be customized
;; individually:
;; emacs-setup - This is the main part of emacs-setup. You can set your base
;; directory (your .emacs.d or equivalent), directories to ignore
;; when recursively adding to load path, and various list of
;; s-expressions (base, pre, post, etc.) The s-expression lists
;; can be used to setup things that would normally be in your
;; .emacs, but are not customizable options. For instance,
;; (set-frame-font), (set-background-color), (transient-mark-mode),
;; etc. I'm not going to try an support every option of emacs.
;; Instead, simply add these configuration lines (one sexp per line)
;; to the appropriate sexp group, depending on when they need to run.
;; When emacs-setup-base is run, the last thing it does is run all
;; the s-expressions in emacs-setup-base-sexp. When emacs-setup is
;; run, it runs in this order:
;; - emacs-setup-pre-sexp
;; - require pacakges via emacs-setup-require
;; - emacs-setup-post-sexp
;; - bind keys in emacs-setup-keys
;; emacs-setup-keys - This part of emacs-setup allows you to have your keybindings
;; all in one place via customize. You can manually add and
;; remove keybindings, or you can use the functions
;; emacs-setup-bind-key,
;; emacs-seutp-unbind-key-by-key, or
;; emacs-setup-unbind-key-by-functions
;; to interactively bind or unbind keys, which are saved to
;; customize for you.
;; emacs-setup-require - This is ths part of emacs-setup where you can tell it
;; which packages to load, and give setup s-expressions.
;; You can customize the load-path and env-path, whether or
;; not to loade elpa and where your package.el is (if not
;; using emacs 24). Customizing the variable
;; emacs-setup-require-list
;; is where you can add which packages should be load, in
;; the order you supply them, as well as any configuration
;; for each package after it is loaded.
;; When emacs-setup is run, if any pacakges fail to load, a
;; buffer called *invalid-packages* will be displayed telling
;; you which failed.
;; emacs-setup is written and maintained by Brian Zwahr <>
;;; Code:
;;; **************
;;; **************
(defgroup emacs-setup nil
"Easy emacs setup."
:group 'environment)
(defcustom emacs-setup-base-sexp nil
"List of function names to run during base setup."
:group 'emacs-setup
:type '(repeat :tag "S-expression: " (sexp)))
(defcustom emacs-setup-post-sexp nil
"List of function names to call after setup has loaded."
:group 'emacs-setup
:type '(repeat :tag "S-expression: " (sexp)))
;;; *********
;;; *********
(defun emacs-setup ()
(add-to-list 'load-path (file-name-directory
(find-lisp-object-file-name 'emacs-setup 'function)))
(require 'emacs-setup-require)
(require 'emacs-setup-keys)
(mapc 'eval emacs-setup-base-sexp)
(let ((errorp (emacs-setup-require-packages)))
(mapc 'eval emacs-setup-post-sexp)
(if errorp
(message "Setup complete, with errors. Check the *Messages* buffer.")
(message "Setup complete. Emacs is ready to go!"))))
(defadvice custom-set-variables (after my-advice-custom-setup)
(ad-activate 'custom-set-variables)
(provide 'emacs-setup)
;;; emacs-setup.el ends here