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Mine It All (a Minetest mod similar to vein miner for Minecraft)
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Mine It All

This is a Minetest mod that recreates the functionality of the Minecraft mod Veinminer. It lets you mine full veins of connected blocks in one go.


Download this mod, and install it into the appropriate mods directory for your installation of Minetest. The directory should be named mine_it_all, like this:

<minetest files directory>
   |-<any subgames you have installed>
   |-<any other mods and modpacks you have installed>

Then simply open Minetest and enable the Mine It All mod in your world settings.

Using the Mod

Once the mod is installed and activated, simply mine an ore, a tree, or any other block configred in mineable_nodes.lua with an appropriate tool while sneaking. This will mine out the block and any connected blocks of the same type and any blocks of the same type connected to those blocks, etc. "Connected" means any block immediately touching the block you mined (a 3x3x3 cube with the block you mined in the center).

You'll immediately get all drops and your tool will be worn down as if you'd manually mined them all, so you're not getting out of the convenience without penalty.

Configuring the Mod

You can change which blocks are vein mineable using which tools by editing the mineable_nodes.lua file. It should be pretty self-explanatory, but the general idea is that file contains a bunch of code blocks that follow this pattern:

["default:gravel"] = {
    tools = {
        ["default:shovel_wood"] = true,
        ["default:shovel_stone"] = true,
        ["default:shovel_steel"] = true,
        ["default:shovel_bronze"] = true,
        ["default:shovel_mese"] = true,
        ["default:shovel_diamond"] = true,

This particular example enables gravel as a vein mineable block, but only if you use a shovel of the given types (which happens to be all the available default shovels).

You can add new block/tool combinations to enable new vein mineable blocks, remove then to disable, or change up which tools allow vein mining by editing the file appropriately.

Known Issues

There's one known issue right now. If you mine a large vein with a tool that has very little durability left, the entire vein will still be mined. I will eventually fix that by stopping the mining once the durability of the tool is gone. So, enjoy the free durability while it lasts.

Future Ideas

Ideally, I'd like to add in additional penalty for mining full veins. I might end up adding a hunger mod as a dependency to Mine It All, then make the player more hungry after mining. That's what vein miner does in Minecraft.


This is mod is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt.

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