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@@ -4,6 +4,25 @@ mcache is an erlang memcached client application. It utilizes many new features
improve performance such as NIF (only from R13B03 on), dynamic compiling
+## Start/Stop/Configuration
+mcache is an OTP application. You may start or stop it as following:
+It requires the following configuration (in -config <ConfigFile> or sys.config)
+ [{pools,[
+ [{name, generic}, % Pool name is "generic"
+ {servers, [ { {1,0,0,1}, 11211, 256 }, % Servers definition. IP address should be in {A,B,C,D} format
+ { {1,0,0,2}, 11211, 256 }
+ ]}]
+ ]}
## Usage
@@ -13,13 +32,17 @@ mcache:get(Class, Key).
For example: <code>mcache:get(my.friends, foobar)</code> gets the key <code>"my.friends:foobar"</code>
+Which memcached server is selected? The following steps go:
+1. Get expiry config from <code>Class</code>, default is <code>{generic, 300}</code> (i.e. <code>{PoolName, ExpireSeconds}</code>)
+2. Get the server continuum from the pool name. (in ketama's consistent hashing algorithm)
+3. Calc the server from Key's MD5 hash value.
Return values:
- <code>undefined</code>, if key not found.
- <code>Value</code>, any other values.
2. Get multiple keys.
mcache:mget(Class, [Key|_]).
@@ -48,4 +71,4 @@ Expiry can be as follows:
- <code>Integer</code>, any numeric seconds.
-This argument can be ignored. <code>default</code> is used in this case.
+This argument can be ignored. <code>default</code> is used in this case.
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