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gmap3 - Google Maps and jQuery


gmap3 is a plugin for jQuery which allows you to use the Google maps API easily. It provides some powerful functions (clustering...) and some simple which avoid you to write lot of repetitive code. However, it allows to use all the Google Maps API.

Why using gmap3 ?

  1. Full jQuery :
  • the same map can be accessed by all possible selector
  • jQuery call can be stacked
  1. Full Google Maps API
  • even if gmap3 provides simplified type, Google Maps formats and objects are usable
  1. Silent use of Google Maps services
  1. Tags & custom data
  • All objects added (markers, overlays ...) can be tagged in order to get it later through a "get" function filtered by one or more tags (example of tags)
  • All objects can embed custom data which are sent on events (example of custom data)
  1. Lot of examples