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SaaSure Passwords: for a more secure peace of mind

Requires: Ruby 1.8.7 (though to run the tests Ruby 1.9.2 is needed)
Suggestions: Look through (short) git history to see how development took place.

To run:
bin/pronounce <input_file>

To install library dependencies in a Ruby environment (only necessary to run tests):
gem install bundler
bundle install

To run tests:
ruby -Ilib -Itest test/test_pronounceable.rb

Summary of thought process:
Since there are two hard things in computer science, and this exercise doesn't
deal with caches, my first thought was what to call the class. Ruby modules tend
to end in -able, so Pronounceable sounded great. Could include the module in the
String class and all would be well.

Second priority was getting working code, and best way to make sure code works
as expected is to write tests. These were running in the background as I wrote out
the module.

Once the initial naive implementation using regular expressions was over, I benchmarked
it. This would serve as a point of comparison to see if iterating over each character
in the password string to verify it would be faster than using regexps.

In the end, turned out it was. Merge the pseudo-state-machine branch into master and done.