gcc version: 4.9.2, glibc version: 2.19, binutils version: 2.24, gdb version: 7.6.1, kernel headers version: 199248 (3.10.80)
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This toolchain is extended version of Linaro Toolchain 2014.09. Please see README.toolchain for further information.


  • This package can be installed in any location. Consider using the included bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-pkg-config to make finding libraries and dependencies easier.
  • The system root contains the basic header files and libraries to link your programs against.
  • The sysroot is arm-linux-gnueabihf/libc.
  • gcc version: 4.9.2,
  • glibc version: 2.19,
  • binutils version: 2.24,
  • gdb version: 7.6.1
  • binutils version: 2.24.


1 Python
Package Dependencies
readline6-dev dpkg, readline6, tinfo-dev
dpkg bz2-1.0, lzma5, selinux1, tar, zlibg1g
readline6 readline-common, tinfo5
tinfo-dev tinfo5
tinfo5 -
readline-common dpkg
bz2-1.0 -
lzma5 -
selinux1 -
tar -
zlibg1g -
2 Python
Package Dependencies
ssl-dev ssl1.0.0, zlib1g-dev
ssl1.0.0 debconf, zlib1g
zlib1g-dev zlib1g
debconf perl-base
perl-base dpkg
3 SELinux
Package Dependencies
pcre3-dev pcre3, pcrecpp0
pcre3 -
pcrecpp0 pcre3, stdc++6
stdc++6 -
4 SELinux
Package Dependencies
ustr-dev ustr-1.0-1
ustr-1.0-1 -
5 SELinux
Package Dependencies
audit-dev audit0
audit0 -
6 SELinux
Package Dependencies
bz2-dev bz2-1.0
bz2-1.0 *
7 SELinux
Package Dependencies
flex debconf, dpkg, m4
debconf *
dpkg *
m4 -
8 SELinux
Package Dependencies
apol-dev apol4, qpol-dev
apol4 qpol1
qpol-dev qpol1
qpol1 bz2-1.0, selinux1, sepol1
bz2-1.0 *
selinux1 *
sepol1 -
9 SELinux
Package Dependencies
pam0g-dev pam0g
pam0g debconf
debconf *
10 SELinux
Package Dependencies
cap-ng-dev cap-ng0
cap-ng0 -
11 SELinux
Package Dependencies
dbus-glib-1-dev dbus-1-3, dbus-1-dev, dbus-glib-1-2, expat1, glib2.0-0, glib2.0-dev
dbus-1-3 -
dbus-1-dev pkg-config, dbus-1-3
dbus-glib-1-2 dbus-1-3, glib2.0-0
expat1 -
glib2.0-0 ffi5, pcre3, selinux1, zlib1g
glib2.0-dev glib2.0-0, glib2.0-bin, pcre3-dev, pkg-config, zlib1g-dev
pkg-config popt0, glib2.0-0
ffi5 -
pcre3 *
selinux1 *
zlib1g *
glib2.0-bin glib2.0-0, dpkg, elf1, glib2.0-data
pcre3-dev *
zlib1g-dev *

*: Have added before.