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Eclectic Logic

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  1. Logback and Log4j v2 appender that suppresses messages of the same kind when they exceed a defined frequency and sends out a periodic digest of such suppressed messages.

    Java 29 4

  2. Stepper allows you to write AWS Step Functions using a higher level programmatic language.

    Java 13 2

  3. Annotation driven Java object writer for ORC with runtime code generation for speed.

    Java 22 4

  4. Dialect (database) and provider (e.g. Hibernate) specific supporting implementations for Pedal and related frameworks.

    Java 5 2

  5. A Java 8 based idiomatic JPA DAO framework. Let the examples say the rest.

    Java 3 3

  6. Groovy DSL driven database data loading and dbunit on steroids.

    Java 4 1


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