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Californium (Cf) Tools

These are CoAP tools based on the Californium (Cf) CoAP framework.

  • cf-browser - javaFx GUI based coap client
  • cf-client - cli based coap client
  • cf-jmeter-plugin - jmeter plugin
  • cf-coapbench - benchmark (currently not maintained/tested, use californium/demo-apps/cf-extplugtest-client instead).
  • cf-polyfill - WebServer emits coap requests (currently not maintained/tested)
  • cf-rd - coap resource directory
  • cf-server - coap server


Use mvn clean install in the root directory to build the tools. It requires at least a Java 8 SDK. The standalone JARs will be created in the run folder.

e.g. run with java -jar cf-client-*.jar.

Note: Building cf-browser using Java 8 requires the JavaFX libraries to be available on the system class path. Oracle's JDK includes the JavaFX libraries by default. OpenJDK does not and OpenJFX must be installed separately.

For instructions regarding the usage of OpenJFX on Java 11 and later, refer to the OpenJFX documentation. On OpenJDK 8 the availability of OpenJFX depends on the linux distribution you are using. Later versions of Ubuntu seems to not longer provide OpenJFX for OpenJDK 8. Maybe the workaround described in this GitHub issue works for you.

cf-browser - README


The project also includes the project files for Eclipse. Make sure to have the following before importing the Californium (Cf) projects:

Then choose [Import... » Git » Projects from Git » Local] to import into Eclipse.

e.g. run as Java application.


e.g. java -jar cf-client-*.jar