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Jakarta EE 10 Examples

This repository contains code examples for Jakarta EE 10.

A selection of these examples have an elaborate explanation in the Jakarta EE Tutorial. The tutorial content is located in the repository.

Note that this project, as the tutorial, is currently very much a work in progress.

Types of examples

We use various different types of examples, as detailed below.


Focused examples demonstrate a single Jakarta technology and/or a single Jakarta API in a coherent and consistent way. Such focused examples are a little like an SSCCE (Short, Self Contained, Correct Example), but with a slightly different goal. Where the main purpose of an SSCCE is to be able to reproduce a bug, the purpose of the focused example is to demonstrate a technology.

Each focused example is its own Maven module, and (typically) its own war. Such war can be deployed standalone to a server of choice, where it can be manually run, debugged, modified, etc.

To assure focused examples actually work, and as implicit documentation of how the example is run (what requests need to be done), most examples are accompanied by a test (in the future all examples should have a test). All tests follow the same pattern:

  • A server/runtime is started (if needed)
  • The actually build output of the Maven module (typically a war) is deployed to said server/runtime
  • The test, which runs on the client, issues HTTP requests to the server/runtime
  • The test assures the response of the server/runtime is expected
  • The application is undeployed
  • The server/runtime is stopped (if needed)

Focused examples use Maven for building and starting the tests and JUnit for defining and executing the tests. Arquillian is used, but only to start/stop a server, and to deploy/undeploy the test application for a given server/runtime.


Tutorial examples are examples that happen to be used in the current version of the tutorial. They are a mix of focused examples, and more elaborate examples. They are currently specifically a work in progress and may be moved to various other locations within this repo.

Elaborate (future)

Elaborate examples are more complex and demonstrate multiple technologies and APIs to work together towards some practical goal.

Applications (future)

Actual applications that are an example of how to use Jakarta EE for a specific sector, industry, or type of application. E.g. an example application for a pet store, a cargo tracker, etc.

See Java EE Kickoff for an idea of what example applications could be included here.