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Proposal 2: Incremental Change in Jakarta EE 9 and beyond

Evolve API source from javax to the jakarta namespace over time on an as-needed basis. The most active specifications would immediately move in Jakarta EE 9. Every Jakarta EE release, starting with version 10 and beyond may involve some javax to jakarta namespace transition.

  • The most active APIs would immediately move from javax to jakarta

  • APIs not changed or determined by the community to be unlikely to change would stay in javax

  • Jakarta EE 9 would be a mix of javax and jakarta packaged APIs

  • If a change was needed to a javax API post Jakarta EE 9 for any reason, that API would transition from javax to jakarta.

  • Jakarta EE 10 would be a mix of javax and jakarta packaged APIs, but a different mix than Jakarta EE 9.

  • At some point down the road, Jakarta EE xx, it may be decided that the migration from javax to jakarta is "done" and the final APIs are moved.


  • Cheaper up front cost and reduced immediate noise.

  • No need to move specifications unless there is an immediately visible benefit.

  • Potential for less impact from API change overall.


  • Prolonged coordination, cost and complexity to industry affecting conversion tools, users, enterprises, cloud vendors, IDE creators, platform vendors, trainers and book authors.

  • Use of restricted javax namespace prolonged.

  • Frustration of "always changing" packages may deter application developers and become a permanent perception of the brand.

  • Difficulty in remembering/knowing which Jakarta EE release an API was moved. "Is Connector javax or jakarta in Jakarta EE 11?"

  • Difficulty in keeping the industry in sync.

  • New implementations may find themselves having to deal with the javax to jakarta transition, unable to avoid legacy costs and therefore decide not to enter the space.

  • Transitive dependencies to other specifications may make incremental change difficult or impossible.

  • Restrictions on what Java SE implementation can be used for certification


  • Do we start small or start large?

  • Which APIs would immediately need to be changed?

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