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Eclipse Tyrus

Eclipse Tyrus is the open source JSR 356 - Java API for WebSocket reference implementation for easy development of WebSocket applications.Eclipse Tyrus is also a Jakarta WebSocket 2.0 compatible implementation.

WebSocket protocol defined by IETF provides bidirectional communication between the server and the remote host. The pros are mainly the ability to communicate both ways, low latency and small communication overhead. Therefore, Tyrus and WebSocket in general are suitable for web applications that require sending a huge volume of relatively small messages like online games or market ticker broadcasting.

Building Eclipse Tyrus

Building Tyrus can be done using mvn clean install, but sometimes (such as for building 2.x from a tag) mvn clean install -Pstaging would be required.

Tyrus Git Branches

branch Jakarta Version Tyrus Version
master Java EE 8 / Jakarta EE 8 branch Tyrus 1.x
2.0.x Jakarta EE 9 branch Tyrus 2.0.x
2.1.x Jakarta EE 10 branch Tyrus 2.1.x
2.x Jakarta EE 11 branch Tyrus 2.2.x



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