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Eclipse IDE integration for Maven (Eclipse m2e project)

Build m2e-core

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M2Eclipse provides tight integration for Apache Maven into the Eclipse IDE with the following features:

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📥 Installation

The recommended way to install Eclipse-m2e is using the Eclipse marketplace. Either click on

Eclipse Maven integration Marketplace entry    or    Eclipse Maven integration Marketplace entry

into your Eclipse-IDE, or use the Eclipse Marketplace Client directly from within the IDE.

⚠️ Some other entries exist that look like m2e. They're usually outdated or incorrect. Please use the official one, linked above.

Alternatively, you can install the latest M2Eclipse release by using the Install New Software dialog in Eclipse IDE, pointing it to this p2 repository:

To use the latest snapshot build, you can use this p2 repository:

To use snapshots only for the current version under development, you can add a p2 repository like the following:<version-under-development>
This version-specific snapshot repository is deleted at the next release so you will automatically fallback to the regular release updates. The variable <version-under-development> has to be replaced by the current version under development version.

📢 Release notes


⌨️ Contributing

Create Eclipse Development Environment for m2e    or just    Clone to Eclipse IDE

For detailed information about development, testing and builds, see