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Add Associated Task.test
Add Bookmark To File.test
Add New Bookmark.test
Add New Task.test
Bug 268350 - [Compatibility] Cannot Open Files by Dragging.test
Bug 394336 - Close menu item is disabled even when current editor is activated.test
Bug 396418 - Command org_eclipse_ui_file_save always disabled.test
Bug 88788 - Back_Forward keys and mouse buttons don't work with Eclipse.test
Close And Open Project.test
Close Editor By X Button.test
Close Opened Editors Automatically.test
Close Others Editors.test
Compare With Each Other.test
Convert Uppercase to Lowercase.test
Copy From Left To Right At Comparing.test
Copy From Right To Left At Comparing.test
Copy Line Up Or Down.test
Copy Paste Text From One File To Another.test
Copy Resource By Ctrl+Drag.test
Create Folder With Invalid Name.test
Create New Folder.test
Create New Project Using the New Button .test
Create New Project.test
Create Path Variable.test
Create Project Reference.test
Create Project With Invalid Name.test
Ctrl+E to Switch Editors.test
Customize Perspective.test
Delete Bookmark From Bookmarks View.test
Delete Completed Tasks.test
Delete Project.test
Drag One Folder Into Another.test
Emacs Key Binding Actions - Delete from coursor position to the end of line.test
Export Resource To File System With Saving Directory Structure.test
Export Resource To File System.test
Export Resource With Overwritting Existing Files.test
Faster Workspace Navigation.test
Filtering At Exporting Resource To File System.test
Filtering Files At Last Modified Date.test
Filtering Files In Project At Name.test
Filtering Files In Project At Read Only Property.test
Filtering Files or Folders At File Length.test
Filtering Files or Folders At Location.test
Filtering Folders In Project At Name.test
Folder Name Should Appear By Default As Parent Folder.test
Hide Closed Project In Project Explorer.test
Hide __ resources In Project Explorer.test
Hide toolbar.test
Import Duplicate Project.test
Import Existing Project Into Workspace.test
Import Project With Copying Into Workspace.test
Import Resource From Archive File.test
Import Resource From File System.test
Move Line Up Or Down.test
Navigate - Show In.test
Navigate -Open With.test
Navigate Backward.test
Open Editor Using Drag And Drop.test
Open Editors With a Single Click.test
Open File From Associated Task.test
Open File Through Bookmark.test
Open Perspective With Open Perspective Button.test
Open Perspective by Typing into Quick Access bar.test
Open Perspective from Window-Open Perspective menu.test
Open Perspective in New Window.test
Open Second Editor Instance.test
Open Untitled File.test
Quick Access Search Bar.test
Remove Bookmark From File Editor.test
Rename Folder.test
Reset Prespective.test
Restore Defaults In Resource Filters.test
Revert Perspective to Original Layout.test
Save Perspective.test
Search Replace From Search View.test
Set Default Perspective In Preference.test
Try to Create Same-Named Folder.test
Turn off Menu Item.test
Undo_Redo In Editor.test
Usaved Editor Tab Should Have Asterisk.test
Use Ctrl+PgUp to Switch Between Editors.test
View All Keyboard Shortcuts.test