@kaloyan-raev kaloyan-raev released this Jan 25, 2017 · 8 commits to develop since this release

This is a service release that fixes the following bugs:

  • 509683 Andmore NDK plugin is missing an execution environment
  • 509666 NPE in visual editor causes load failures
  • 509663 Support for aapt --no-version-vectors option
  • 484566 NPE in BaseBuilder.abortOnBadSetup
  • 505930 Exception While Linting


@kaloyan-raev kaloyan-raev released this May 18, 2016 · 28 commits to develop since this release

This milestone signs the Andmore bundles with the certificate of the Eclipse Foundation.

  • 459574 Migrate Build to use the CBI


@kaloyan-raev kaloyan-raev released this May 4, 2016 · 30 commits to develop since this release

This milestone updates the embedded Android SDK to version 24.4.1.

  • 461942 Update to latest Android SDK support libraries


@kaloyan-raev kaloyan-raev released this Mar 23, 2016 · 34 commits to develop since this release

This milestone adds a field in the DDMS preference page for selecting the debug port.

  • 489253 Add Preference Page Entry for Selected Debug Port


@kaloyan-raev kaloyan-raev released this Mar 23, 2016 · 38 commits to develop since this release

This milestone fixes the Signing and Keys view and provides it as a separate installable feature on the update site.

  • 484461 APK signing is broken
  • 484462 "Signing and Keys" view as a separate installable feature
  • 484560 ADT XML Overlay uses non-standard Bundle-SymbolicName: overlay.org.eclipse.andmore.overlay
  • 484667 Fix plugin and features vendor/provider name
  • 484689 Feature names to comply with Android trademark


@kaloyan-raev kaloyan-raev released this Dec 15, 2015 · 53 commits to develop since this release

This milestone fixes a build error against the Eclipse Neon release.

  • 483020 Build error against Neon
  • 484277 Unify logo contributions to the About dialog


@kaloyan-raev kaloyan-raev released this Nov 24, 2015 · 62 commits to develop since this release

This milestone introduces MultiDex support. The update site is improved to support correct installation of Andmore on Eclipse older then Luna.

  • 482776 Allow installation of Andmore on Eclipse older than Luna
  • 479230 Exporting an application package is not working when using multidex
  • 476446 MultiDex support for Android APK
  • 471469 Add Profile to use released MARs artifacts as part of the build
  • 460132 Fix license terms for dual licensed plugins


@kingargyle kingargyle released this Aug 10, 2015 · 87 commits to develop since this release

Milestone two provides some stability and usability improvements. The biggest change is that the XML Editor no longer assumes it is the only editor.
Also the Database Perspective and browser have been fixed to show all the icons in the tree.

  • 464542 Migrate usages of KML2 to use XPP3
  • 471901 Android Common XML Editor should not be the default for all XML files
  • 465702 Android XML Editor should not try to be the default for non android XML files
  • 471527 Some wizards still open the Java perspective instead of the Android perspective
  • 468473 Android Database Explorer throws NPE when expanding tree


@kingargyle kingargyle released this Apr 19, 2015 · 88 commits to master since this release

Change Log


This is the first public stable build for the Andmore project. This release may have bugs and missing features but should be useable for most every day development. Note that it is not recommended to install both Android Development Tools and Andmore in the same IDE. Andmore contains all the functionality of Android Development Tools so it is not needed, and you can update your existing Android projects for eclipse to use the new tooling.

p2 Update Site

This release can be installed into an existing Luna or higher eclipse enviroment. Please add the following url to your Install Software repositories.



  • 463598 Importing a project created by ADT doesn't work (not right away, anyway)
  • 463142 Remove JCommon and JFreeChart-swt
  • 462184 Remove Usage Stats
  • 461960 Missing the copyright and applicable license on the header of some files
  • 461547 Andmore emulator launch asks to show content inside Eclipse
  • 461460 Android import in 'Other' category
  • 461459 Lint fails to run, blocking builds
  • 461334 Support Java 1.8 as an execution environment
  • 460492 Rename classes and internal strings to reflect changes from previous owners and projects
  • 460482 Android Logo Compliance
  • 460134 Top-level feature for installation
  • 460038 Android Compiler Compliance Level may be too Strict
  • 459497 Enable Code Coverage for Unit Tests
  • 459407 Please add project home page at GitHub metadata and in README
  • 459363 Fix Failing Unit and Integration Tests
  • 456983 Error when opening the Google Translate preference page
  • 456970 New Activity dialog does not work correct
  • 456968 Rename menu and preference panel items to be more accurate to their function
  • 456966 Change copyright strings in Andmore plugins
  • 456965 Update icons to replace former MOTODEV images

New and Noteworthy

Android Development Perspective

Android development now has it's own perspective, and no longer contributes functionality to the Java perspective. This keeps Android functionality from cluttering up the Java development when you are working with multiple projects. There is also a Android Database perspective which provides additional functionality when working with SQLite databases.

Maven Support via the M2E-Android project

For Maven support, please install the latest M2E-Android tooling. The p2 update site is:


You can import an existing android maven project and m2e will handle configuration for the new plugins.

JDK 1.8 project support

Android projects may specify JDK 1.8 as the compiler level. Creating new projects defaults to JDK 1.7, but projects may choose JDK 1.8. this is necessary for some third party tooling that allows back porting of Java 8 features to Java 7.

Convert ADT projects to Andmore

You can convert your existing ADT projects and workspace to work with Andmore. Select a project, and bring up the context menu, then select Configure->Convert ADT Android Configuration. The project will be updated to allow Andmore to recognize it as a Android project. This currently only works for existing Android Developer Tools projects, Android Studio projects that are using the old legacy directory structure should use the Import->Android->Existing Android Code into Workspace. Project support for Android Studio Projects is planned in an upcoming release.

Integration with Memory Analyzer and Database Development Tools

Andmore provides the ability to analyze Dalvik Heap Dumps, and work directly with SQLite Databases via the Emulator. Use the Android Database perspective and have a running Emulator to access any SQLite Database and manage it directly.

All the functionality of Android Developers Tools

Since Andmore is a fork of the Google Android Developer Tools for Eclipse, all the existing functionality for working with your Android applications is still there. More is to come in the upcoming milestone releases.