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Eclipse Buildship: Gradle integration for the Eclipse IDE

Buildship is a set of Eclipse Plug-ins that provide a deep integration of Gradle into the Eclipse IDE. Buildship is hosted on


Buildship can be used with Eclipse IDE 4.2.x or newer. Older versions of Eclipse the IDE might work but have not been tested explicitly. Depending on the version of Gradle that Buildship interacts with, certain features of Buildship may not be available.


All documentation of Buildship for users and developers is hosted on GitHub.

More specifically, you can find

Discussions & News

We are very interested in feedback from the Gradle and Eclipse communities. All things Buildship are discussed on the Gradle Forums.

Issue Tracking

Issues are tracked on GitHub. Add your 👍 for issues that you care about to help us prioritize them. If you want to follow our priorities and progress, install the ZenHub extension and have a look at our board.


Buildship is available under the Eclipse Public License, Version 1.0.