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Latest commit 955afec Dec 4, 2016 @simark simark committed with jonahkichwacoders Fixup for "[dsf-gdb] debug tests: Use line tags where possible"
Unfortunately previous commit was submitted too early. There were
two problems that this commit corrects:

1) clear line tags before each test run - side effect of Bug 508642

When a test marked with Intermittent fails, the next retry is executed
with the same class instance.  Therefore, the new try starts with a
non-empty fTagLocations.  The test trips on the check that there are no
duplicate tags.

2) Fix failing testStopAtMainWithReverse

A blank line got inserted into the test case, that
interfered with the test logic.

Change-Id: If4c28557eac7ee740b4e3a5eac5dd2726c39a35d
Also-by: Jonah Graham <jonah@kichwacoders.com>
Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <simon.marchi@polymtl.ca>