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Setting up Eclipse to build the Ceylon compiler
Global Eclipse configuration:
i. Set your default "Text file encoding" to "UTF-8" and your default "New text file line delimiter"
to "Unix" in your Eclipse preferences (Window -> Preferences -> General -> Workspace). If you do
this you can skip Step 1 in "Post-import steps" below.
(N.B. these should already be the default settings on Linux.)
ii. Go to the preferences of the installed JREs (Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs) and
select the active JRE and click "Edit". In the popup type "-ea" in the "Default VM arguments" field.
Then click "Finish" and "Ok". (Repeat this for any JREs you intend to use with Ceylon)
N.B. in this file, "/path/to/ceylon" should be replaced with the full path of the directory containing
this file.
** Option 1: Importing the Ceylon projects directly from git:
1. Ensure you have egit installed in Eclipse: go to Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation Details.
a) If "Eclipse Git Team Provider" is not listed, go to Help -> Install New Software, and enter
the following into "Work with":
b) Select and install "Eclipse Git Team Provider", and restart Eclipse when prompted.
2. Clone the git repo.
a) Select File -> Import -> Git -> Projects from Git -> Clone URI.
b) Enter into the URI field:
c) In the "Branch selection" dialog, click "Deselect All", then select "master".
d) Click "Next >", choose a location for the project, and click "Next >" again. The repo will be cloned.
e) Select "Wizard for project import -> Import existing Eclipse projects" and "Working Tree", then "Next >".
f) In the "Import Projects" list, deselect everything that starts with a "@" and everything that starts
with "ceylon-dist-osgi".
g) Click "Finish". You will see some errors on the imported projects until you complete "Initial build"
** Option 2: Importing the Ceylon projects from disk, after following the instructions in the
1. Select "File -> Import..." from the main menu.
2. In the "Import" dialog:
a) Select "General -> Existing Projects into Workspace"
c) Click "Next >"
3. In the next page of the "Import" dialog:
a) Make sure the "Select root directory" is selected
b) Click the "Browse..." button
c) Select the "ceylon" folder that you checked out from Git when following the instructions in the
d) Click "Ok"
4. Back in the Wizard dialog:
a) In the "Options" section enable "Search for nested projects"
b) In the "Projects" list deselect everything that starts with a "@" and everything that starts with
c) Click "Finish". You will see some errors on the imported projects until you complete "Initial build"
** Post-import steps:
1. If you didn't apply the settings described in "Global eclipse configuration" step "i.", you now have to
apply these settings in the properties for each of the imported projects:
a) Right-click on the project, select Properties then Resource
b) Make sure the "Text file encoding" is set to "UTF-8" and
c) The "New text file line delimiter" is set to "Unix"
d) Click "Ok"
2. If you see an error of the form
"Access restriction: Class is not accessible due to restriction on
required library"
Go into
(Project) Properties -> Java Compiler -> Errors/Warnings ->
Locate the "Forbidden reference (access rules)" option under
"Deprecated and restricted API" section in the dialog box. Set
this to Warning" or "Ignore".
** Initial build:
You need to build once with Ant before Eclipse can successfully build the projects.
(The following assumes your version of Eclipse has Ant installed, which it should by default.)
1. In Package Explorer, open up the tree view for the "ceylon" project, right-click on "build.xml", and
select "Run As -> Ant Build...".
2. Deselect all targets except for "clean" and "dist", then click on "Order...", and make sure "clean"
is listed above "dist". Click "OK".
3. Back in the "Run As -> Ant Build... -> Edit Configuration" dialog, click "Run".
4. Once Ceylon has finished building, in the Package Explorer, select all projects (Ctrl+A) and then Refresh
(F5, or right-click -> Refresh).
5. You should see the errors on the projects disappear.
** The project should now be correctly set up. To test it:
1. Select "Run -> Run Configurations..." from the main menu.
2. In the "Run Configurations" dialog:
a) Right click on "JUnit" in the list on the left
and select "New" from the popup menu.
b) Change "Name" to "CeylonCompiler"
c) In the "Test" tab, select "JUnit 4" as "Test runner"
d) Select "Run a single test"
e) In the "Project" line, select "Browse...":
i) Select "ceylon-compiler"
ii) Click "Ok"
f) In the "Test class" line, select "Search..." (it may take several seconds for the next dialog to pop up):
i) Select "ConcurrentTests"
ii) Click "Ok"
g) Click "Run"
3. You should see some output from the Ceylon compiler in the "Console" tab at the bottom of the screen.
Some tests will fail but most should succeed.