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R119 cuda ops again #7117

merged 101 commits into from Feb 6, 2019


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commented Feb 6, 2019

Merge master to r119_cuda_ops, with CUDA issues resolved

shyrma and others added some commits Jan 2, 2019

Shyrma fix (#6930)
* provide intrinsic gnu gcc function for casting float -> float16

* f16c support for avx2 builds

* meh

* another var name

* check whether correct functions are coalled while float <--> float16 cast
Add explicit dependency on libnd4j in nd4j-backend-impls (#6921)
* Add explicit dependency on libnd4j in nd4j-backend-impls

* Move libnd4j dependency into backends themselves and use appropriate classifier
Update (#6926)
* Update

Added cuda version list

* Update
[WIP] No more axis (#6902)
Axis overhaul
Few more fixes (#6944)
* broadcastable pow

* one range test

* few more range tests

* listdiff now accepts all int types for indices + test

* or/xor/and tests
[WIP] SameDiff fixes, exec overhaul, control dependencies etc (#6816)
* More blocking out

* Session updates

* More tweaks

* Split up sessions; SameDiff method deprecations in preparation for changes

* More session implementation

* Misc

* Sessions - better logging, cleanup

* First steps for proper execution in session...

* Fix merge op use outside of import

* Next steps

* Import variable control dependencies

* More fixes

* Start on execution frames

* More frame/iteration support

* A ton more implementation; while loops almost work

* More fixes

* Cleanup + exit op

* While loop now works (other than maybe unsafe output array reuse...)

* Cleanup, javadoc, polish

* Fixes

* All arrays are now allocated in InferenceSession not SameDiff class

* Fix session loop execution: allocate new arrays for loops to enable backprop

* Start cleaning up SameDiff class fields

* Transition more fields to new structure

* More cleanup of SameDiff class fields

* Clean up fields, change some signatures, force dtypes in creator methods, break a bunch of stuff in the process

* Stuff compiles again

* Remove variableNameToArr map

* More cleanup

* Integrate new execution sessions; clean up some old exec methods

* Debugging

* A ton of fixes

* Multiple FlatBuffers mapping fixes

* Add more FlatBuffers fixes

* More fixes

* Change VariableType to VarType to avoid name clash

* Change VariableType to VarType to avoid name clash

* Regenerate with flatc 1.9.0

* Restore old VariableType.h inadvertantly overwritten

* Scalar op flatbuffers fixes

* More scalar flatbuffers mapping fixes

* More fixes; reimplement backprop grad fn creation to remove topological order assumption

* Cleanup

* Greedy datatype inference pt1

* First round of output dtype method implementations

* First set of gradient checks finally passing again

* Fixes, and output datatypes for many ops

* Add cast op methods + other fixes

* Next round of fixes

* Multiple fixes

* More datatype methods

* A whole lot more flatbuffers mapping fixes

* More datatype calculation implementations

* Next round of fixes

* Even more fixes...

* Next round of fixes

* More fixes

* More fixes, remove old workspace from samediff (to go into inference session)

* Random op fixes

* More fixes

* A bunch more fixes, conv etc

* More fixes

* More fixes

* More fixes

* Result array datatype fixes for a bunch of BaseNDArray ops

* More flatbuffers mapping fixes

* More fixes

* Another set of fixes

* Fix handling of repeated variable inputs to ops

* Multiple fixes for scalar ops (types, flatbuffers mapping)

* Handful of additional fixes

* Import fixes

* ArgMin/Max fixes; fix skipping of non-imported nodes during import

* More TF import fixes

* Session fixes

* Import fixes, consolidate 2 more fields

* Op type calculation fixes

* Op validation datatype message improvements

* More op dtype fixes, no more ninja array creation in base op getters

* Fixes for reduction op exec with dimension arg

* toVector error message improvements

* Fix import datatype inference

* Op fixes

* Log a more useful exception for native output shape calculation issues

* Reduction shape fix, resolve before exec; fix concat resolving

* Name fix for properties

* More op and import fixes

* Fixes for variables datatypes for TF import

* Update ops.proto; change allowable datatypes for unique with counts

* Fixes for output shape calc

* Clean up and significantly simplify op output shape calculation

* A bunch more fixes

* Fix issue with wrong opnum in NativeOpExecutioner

* More op fixes

* TF import fixes, inference session allow long axis arg, ArrayOptionsHelper fix

* Fix BatchNorm

* Fix NDArrayStrings for String arrays + improve tests

* Import TF String arrays as UTF8 INDArrays

* Assertion and control dependency fixes

* More op fixes

* Minor test update

* Small fixes

* Small fixes most rebase

* Various compilation fixes

* A bunch of post merge fixes

* FlatBuffers mapping fix; fix Nd4j.createFromArray methods

* Reduce3 fixes

* Fix Or/And/Xor execution

* Loss function and other fixes

* Segment op dtype fixes

* Small fix for sum with keep dims
Fix PlayUIServer.detach() to allow sequential attach-detach of StatsS…
…torage (#6950)

* Fix PlayUIServer.detach(), add test for sequentially attaching and detaching StatsStorage

* fix missing ND4J backend for TestPlayUI

* remove unused imports
Fixes for failing DL4J/ND4J tests (#6954)
* Make Reshape.doDiff more robust/reliable

* Multiple dl4j/nd4j fixes

* Fixes for unsorted segment ops

* More test fixes

* More fixes

* Small SameDiff fix
[WIP] Couple of fixes (#6953)
* few casts

* output buffer nullification is optional now

* copypasta fix

* tan fix
FlatBuffers upgrade (#6956)
* small test update

* fb update to 1.10
fix: dl4j RepeatVector (#6945)
* detatch after repeat

* typo

* dont detach

* rem redund line
Shugeo zeta (#6957)
* Added a pair tests with zeta ops.

* one more test for zeta

* Fixed java-related zeta op bug.

* Refactored zeta helper to eliminate assignment and allocations.
Next round of SameDiff/ND4J/TF import fixes (#6959)
* Add LogMatrixDeterminant

* Add LSTM.getHelper()

* Fix output type validation for shapes_of op

* Multiple op fixes

* Remove old/legacy Nd4j.getEnsuredShape

* More SameDiff fixes
Next round of SameDiff/ND4J fixes (#6964)
* Multiple test fixes

* Fix DataType issue in BaseNDArray constructors

* Misc fixes

* More misc fixes

* Variety of fixes; a few temporary ignores to get CI running again

* Fix reverse op
Unify CPU extension parameter selection (#6947)
This drops javacpp.extension in favor of only using libnd4j.extension
to trigger the proper profiles that will set all other required properties.

So far only two possible values are supported: avx2 and avx512.
libnd4j: Install both CPU and CUDA assembly ZIP files on Maven build (#…

Also move all CUDA modules in "cuda" profiles and nd4j-native modules in "cpu" profile activated by default when libnd4j.chip != cuda
bug fix: Nd4j - "Invalid opType SHORT" when creating short buffer (#6966

* Nd4j.create(....SHORT)

* more dtypes

* fix createSame()
Another round of SameDiff and TF import fixes (#6967)
* Fix for SameDiff.outputs() inference for conditional ops

* Variable control dependency execution fix

* Another control dependency import/execution fix

* Fix another control dependencies edge case for execution

* SameDiff.outputs() fix/workaround for bad TF graphs (non-consumed switch outputs)

* Identity output shape calculation fix

* Fix issue with control dependencies for constants combined with loops

* Ignore for handful of remaining import tests for CI
Next round of SameDiff/import fixes (#6971)
* Check for ragged arrays for Nd4j.createFromArray

* ResizeBilinear and Pad calculateOutputDataTypes methods

* BatchNorm and DepthwiseConv2D calculateOutputDataTypes methods

* ArgMin/ArgMax fixes

* Skip NaN/Inf check for profiler mode for non-FP datatype arrays

* NativeOpExecutioner error message improvements; update ignores based on now passing tests

* Update zoo model ignores for now passing models
[WIP] SameDiff fixes/improvements (#6969)
* var types?

* placeholder shape

* temporary samediff array registration

* - variable existance check
- new exception
- lots of legacy fb files removed

* legacy rng removed

* sort draft

* - castTo during association
- allow placeholder to contain array

* resolved PLACEHOLDER becomes NDARRAY

* strings draft

* strings equality shortcut

* schema update

* flat string array ser/de

* schema update

* schema update

* - fb deserialization draft
- new NDArrayFactory::empty signature

* - byte strings
- bitswap for be/le

* NDArray::asByteVector for strings

* more strings tweaks

raver119 and others added some commits Jan 24, 2019

[WIP] Aggregates gone (#7059)
* initial commit

* initial commit

* sg skeleton

* next step

* fix for #7051

* next step

* next step

* next step

* couple of tests

* back to configurable

* require inplace

* next step

* first test passes

* one more test

* ns test

* cbow

* missed arg

* temp commit

* next step

* small fix

* cbow sg numeric test passes

* cbow ns numeric test passes

* java time

* skipgramm java wrapper

* cbow java wrapper

* next step

* idx abs

* CBOW tests pass

* SG tests pass
[WIP] Small ND4J fix, SameDiff graph visualization fixes/improvements (

* Control dopendencies, extra UI info

* No-arg constructors for CbowRound/SkipGramRound for reflections scanning

* More node info and better formatting to help debugging

* Remove bad layout options
[WIP] SameDiff nested while execution fix (#7077)
* Track parent frames during SameDiff execution for nested loop/enter cases

* Check for existing element when adding to abstract session availableForExec

* Working towards a nested while fix

* SameDiff: Fix nested loop java execution

* Cleanup

* Remove debug class

* Small fix
Add missing loss functions (#7042)
* Add gradient for hinge loss

* Add huber loss backprop

* Fix Poisson spelling

* Change input order for log_poisson_loss to match those of other loss functions

* Add Poisson Loss

* Add description on how optimized implementation of MPWSE is derived

* Initial implementation of MPWSE as defined in the paper

* Add gradient calculation for mean pairwise squared error loss
Fix ScalNet test using old API
Use argMax instead of directly calling OP
[WIP] Misc issue fixes (#7085)
* #7084 SameDiff GradCheckUtil mask

* #7074 #7075 Add ROCBinary.getROC(int); Add ROCBinary.stats() AUPRC

* #7064 Fix DL4J UIServer (temporary) memory leak

* #6991 Validate invalid TBPTT + GlobalPooling/LastTimeStep

* #7068 DataType validation (and casts where required) for dropout
fix reduction modes and misc issues (#7082)
* Fix reduction modes for Hinge Loss

* Fix reductions on huber loss

* Fix LogPoissonLoss reduction modes & full mode switching

* Update mean pairwise square error tests in libnd4j to match match those
in java land

Expected values are calculated using the nested loop method, as
implemented in

* Use Gradient Check Mask in Loss OP Validation Tests for MEAN_BY_NONZERO_WEIGHT_COUNT

MEAN_BY_NONZERO_WEIGHT_COUNT is non differentiable for weight=0 so those
points have to be masked out.

* Add reduction mode support to MPWSE Loss

* fix gradient check numerical issues for softmax losses

* Fix calculation of weights gradient in cases where label smoothing is applied

* All LossOpValidation Tests are passing
Infer kernel size from weights if needed (#7098)
* Infer kernel size from weights if needed

If the kernel size isn't set, we can try inferring the proper sizes from the given weights.

Fixes #7008

* Fix expected weight gradient in softmax cross entropy test

Weight gradient calculation was changed in 65f2313.
[WIP] DL4J: L2/Weight decay (#7097)
* Add Regularization interface; add L2 and WeightDecay

* Support schedules in L2/WeightDecay

* L1 regularization; cleanup, JSON etc

* Regularization API change, round 1

* Regularization API change, round 2

* Regularization API change, round 3

* Fixes

* Multiple fixes

* Javadoc and additional builder/layer methods

* Handle passed-in 0.0 value for l1/l2/weight decay

* Improvements for config duplicate regularization checks; remove legacy batch scaled l2

* Legacy JSON format loading for regularization

* alignment fix + test

* order matters

* Test fixes; Add warning when removing L2 on WeightDecay addition and vice-versa

* Fixes + test fixes

* Small transfer learning fix
ND4J Tests (#7060)
* #7054 Set default datatype in Zoo import tests

* Ignores for last remaining tests for CI

* Ignores for last remaining tests for CI

* Small TF import resource loading fix

* Temporarily disable failing test until PR merged

* Clean up test verbose mode config etc

* BaseNDArray.equals fix for compressed arrays
Update (#6925)
* Update

* Update

The redist artifacts were not released for CUDA 9.0:
[WIP] ND4J: a few more test fixes (#7113)
* Workaround for pullrows issue

* GSON fixes

* nd4j-tests-tensorflow fix

* Small dependency fix
Updated serialization/deserialization for NLP (#7072)
* Vocabulary serialization

* Serialization

* Serialization

* Serialization

* test update

* test update

* test update

* In process

* minor tweaks

* minor tweaks

* In process

* In process

* Cleanup

* Cleanup

* Vectors serialization

* Added matrices to serializer

* Intermediate

* Rewritten serialization

* Intermediate

* Intermediate

* Intermediate

* flush

* layerSize fix

* Corrected version

* Cleanup
[WIP] SameDiff TF import fixes (#7088)
* Apply styling to UI

* Cleanup and more styling

* POC for line chart rendering from flatbuffers data

* Non-max suppression op fixes

* TensorArrayRead: get datatype during import

* Various fixes for SSD import

* Handle TensorArrayWrite + enter edge case

* Fix slice op

* InferenceSession shape check

* Cleanup

* Make graph rendering more useful for debugging

* Basic search functionality, v1

* Search works

* Workaround for INDArray.get rank1/2 issue (#7092)

* Fix some of the broken layout issues

* Workaround for logged issues

* #7100 Clarify behaviour of SameDiff.execBackwards

* Another workaround for get issue; remove unnecessary Reshape op resolve properties method

* Fix calculateOutputShape handling of empty arrays

* Small InferenceSession fix; LogFileWriter histogram writing

* Reshape empty array fix

* UI tweaks

* Fix libnd4j gather op for scalar case; clean up test ignores + reenable one test

* Additional info in NativeOpExecutioner errors on failed op exec

* Fix issue with cast op of empty arrays returning scalar arrays

* Gather op: add support for empty indices array

* Gather fix, round 2

* Split op: add support for empty arrays for TF import compatibility

* Misc UI

* Nd4j.create(LongShapeDescriptor, boolean) check for empty shape info

* Small UI fixes

* Broadcastable ops: follow TF convensions for broadcasting with empty input array(s)

* Align concat op empty array handling with TF for import

* Fix LongShapeDescriptor.asDataType for empty arrays

* Gather empty array fix

* Small fixes

* UI dep fix

* Final fixes
Merge branch 'master' into r119_cuda_ops_again
# Conflicts:
#	libnd4j/blas/NDArrayFactory.h
#	libnd4j/blas/cpu/NDArray.cpp
#	libnd4j/blas/cpu/NDArrayFactory.cpp
#	libnd4j/blas/cpu/NativeOpExcutioner.cpp
#	libnd4j/blas/cpu/NativeOps.cpp
#	libnd4j/blas/cuda/
#	libnd4j/include/exceptions/graph_exception.h
#	libnd4j/include/graph/exceptions/impl/graph_exception.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/graph/impl/FlatUtils.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/helpers/impl/MmulHelper.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/generic/list/write_list.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/generic/loss/cosineDistance.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/generic/loss/huberLoss.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/generic/loss/meanPairWsSqErr.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/generic/parity_ops/zeta.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/generic/transforms/pad.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/generic/transforms/reverse.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/helpers/cpu/image_resize.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/helpers/cpu/reverse.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/helpers/cpu/transforms.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/helpers/cpu/zeta.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/helpers/image_resize.h
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/helpers/reverse.h
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/helpers/zeta.h
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/impl/BooleanOp.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/impl/LegacyReduceBoolOp.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/impl/LegacyReduceFloatOp.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/impl/LegacyReduceLongOp.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/impl/LegacyScalarBoolOp.cpp
#	libnd4j/include/ops/declarable/impl/LegacyScalarOp.cpp
#	libnd4j/tests_cpu/layers_tests/CMakeLists.txt
#	libnd4j/tests_cpu/layers_tests/DeclarableOpsTests12.cpp
#	libnd4j/tests_cpu/layers_tests/DeclarableOpsTests9.cpp
#	libnd4j/tests_cpu/layers_tests/EmptyTests.cpp
#	libnd4j/tests_cpu/layers_tests/HelpersTests1.cpp
- disable asan for cuda/linux
- cuda_exception instead of runtime_error

@raver119 raver119 merged commit c905eee into r119_cuda_ops Feb 6, 2019

0 of 2 checks passed

Codacy/PR Quality Review Hang in there, Codacy is reviewing your Pull request.
continuous-integration/jenkins/pr-head This commit is being built

@raver119 raver119 deleted the r119_cuda_ops_again branch Feb 6, 2019

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