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Deeplearning4j Roadmap

jsteggink edited this page Feb 18, 2015 · 6 revisions
  • A REST API to work with SDKs for Python, Ruby, JS, etc.
  • Benchmarks
  • And plenty of documentation! --Japanese, Russian, German, French, Korean, Spanish translations, in roughly that order. --Recipes for use cases.
  • Finish command-line interface (instant scaleout on what platforms?)
  • Canova integration
  • Hadoop/Spark certification
  • Arbiter -- Platform-agnostic evaluation tool and scoring engine for machine learning algorithms. -- Hyperparameter Optimization -- Grid Search -- Bayesian Optimization -- Random Search -- Given a group of trained models, Arbiter ranks them over several runs. (The system keeps a record of the configurations used to train the models.) -- Scoring engine for serving user requests against a trained model
  • Optimized GPUs
  • Embedded Java for IoT
  • Python SDK
  • Clojure Wrapper
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