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@github-actions github-actions released this 23 Nov 17:44

Eclipse Dirigible - 6.3.28


The lates release notes are available here.

Note: All released versions can be found here.


250+ Maven dependencies can be found here.



To install Eclipse Dirigible with Helm go to the Setup with Helm page.
All Helm charts, with detailed explanation, setup and configurations, can be found here.

helm repo add dirigible
helm repo update
helm install dirigible dirigible/dirigible --version 6.3.28

Cloud Native Buildpacks:

Building Docker Image with pack:

pack build --builder dirigiblelabs/buildpacks-builder-dirigible:6.3.28 <my-org>/<my-repository>

Note: The command will package all sub-folders (project1, project2, etc.) into a Dirigible docker image with the application sources.

Docker images:

Base Docker images:

Note: All Docker images are availalbe here

Available for download *.war packages:

  • server-all - Basic package - recommended for local test & development.
  • server-minimal - Minimal package still containing the WebIDE.
  • anonymous-all - Anonymous access.
  • anonymous-runtime - Anonymous access (runtime only).
  • sap-cf-all - SAP Cloud Platform - Cloud Foundry environment.
  • sap-cf-runtime - SAP Cloud Platform - Cloud Foundry environment (runtime only).
  • desktop-all - Desktop package.
  • server-oauth - Basic package - recommended for local test & development, requires additional OAuth configurations.
  • server-runtime - Basic package - recommended for local test & development (runtime only).
  • trial-all - Trial package (guest/nickname).

Note: Unzip the downloaded file to extract the ROOT.war binary.

For more information go to