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@itohro itohro released this Sep 9, 2016 · 766 commits to master since this release

The primary theme of the 8.0.0 release is leveraging features of Java 8. In previous versions, Eclipse Collections already used Java 8 in test modules, but the main library targeted Java 5 bytecode. By dropping support for older versions of Java, Eclipse Collections can benefit from new features and better integrate with the standard libraries.

New Functionality

  • Added static method BooleanArrayList.newWithNValues, following other primitive ArrayLists.
  • Changed MutableBagIterable.addOccurrences(T item, int occurrences) to return the updated number of occurrences instead of void.
  • Implemented Bags.mutable.ofAll(Iterable<? extends T> items) and Bags.mutable.withAll(Iterable<? extends T> items).
  • Implemented Multimap.keySet() to return an unmodifiable SetIterable of keys.
  • Implemented MutableMultimap.putAllPairs(Iterable<Pair<K, V>> keyValuePairs).
  • Implemented LazyIterable.takeWhile(Predicate<? super T> predicate) and LazyIterable.dropWhile(Predicate<? super T> predicate).
  • Implemented unmodifiable BiMaps.
  • Implemented RichIterable.getOnly().
  • Pull up into() from LazyIterable to RichIterable.
  • Made StackIterable implement OrderedIterable.
  • Implemented summarizeInt/Float/Long/Double({Int/Float/Long/Double}Function) on RichIterable
  • Implemented summaryStatistics() on Primitive Iterables.
  • Implemented reduce(BinaryOperator), reduceInPlace(Collector) and reduceInPlace(Supplier, BiConsumer) on RichIterable.
  • Implemented Collectors2 with makeString, toList, toSet, toBag, toStack, toMap, toBiMap, groupBy, to{List/Set/Bag}Multimap.
  • Implemented detectOptional() and detectWithOptional() on RichIterable.
  • Changed the basic functional interface to extend the JDK ones and add default implementation of the JDK SAM so that our types still have a single abstract method.
  • Changed our IntPredicate, LongPredicate, and DoublePredicate to extend the JDK types with the same names.
  • Added a factory class for MutableSortedBagMultimap to Multimaps.
  • Implemented synchronized Multimaps.
  • Implemented selectByOccurrences on primitive Bags.
  • Implemented top/bottomOccurrences on primitive Bags.
  • Changed primitive functional interfaces to extend the corresponding JDK functional interfaces.
  • Made detectOptional methods throw NullPointerException when detecting null value.


  • In ArrayList.newWithNValues, replace loop with Arrays.fill.
  • Optimized MutableList.chunk() for RandomAccess lists to use the backing array instead of an iterator.
  • Optimized AbstractImmutableList.chunk() by using sublists.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in ArrayList.reverseThis().
  • Fixed Interval.take(int count) when count is 0. Old behavior was to return an Interval of size 1. This is a behavior breaking change.
  • Changed AbstractSynchronizedRichIterable.groupByUniqueKey() to return MapIterable instead of MutableMap.
  • Changed AbstractMutableMapIterable.groupByUniqueKey() to return MutableMapIterable instead of MutableMap.
  • Changed MutableMapIterable.aggregateBy() to return MutableMap instead of MutableMapIterable.
  • Fixed return types on MapIterable.collect(Function2) overrides.
  • Fixed return type of UnifiedSetWithHashingStrategy.groupByEach() method to preserve hashing strategy.
  • Fixed generics on Multimap.forEachKeyValue().
  • Fixed generics on Multimap.forEachKeyMultiValues().
  • Fixed method signature of sumByInt(), sumByLong(), sumByFloat() and sumByDouble(). Added missing covariant overrides, now calling these iteration patterns on mutable side will return a MutableObjectPrimitiveMap, on immutable side it will return ImmutableObjectPrimitiveMap.
  • Made primitive-object maps more bag-like. Change the filtering and transformation methods to return bags since they contain duplicates and no meaningful order.

Acquiring Eclipse Collections







compile 'org.eclipse.collections:eclipse-collections-api:8.0.0'
compile 'org.eclipse.collections:eclipse-collections:8.0.0'
testCompile 'org.eclipse.collections:eclipse-collections-testutils:8.0.0'
compile 'org.eclipse.collections:eclipse-collections-forkjoin:8.0.0'


<dependency org="org.eclipse.collections" name="eclipse-collections-api" rev="8.0.0" />
<dependency org="org.eclipse.collections" name="eclipse-collections" rev="8.0.0" />
<dependency org="org.eclipse.collections" name="eclipse-collections-testutils" rev="8.0.0" />
<dependency org="org.eclipse.collections" name="eclipse-collections-forkjoin" rev="8.0.0"/>
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