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@nikhilnanivadekar nikhilnanivadekar released this Mar 16, 2017 · 661 commits to master since this release

The primary theme of 8.1.0 release is to continue leveraging features of Java 8, and add new functionality for API symmetry and completeness.

New Functionality

  • Implemented primitive case procedures.
  • Implemented primitive case functions.
  • Implemented select and reject with targets on primitive iterables.
  • Implemented collect and flatCollect with target collections on primitiveIterable.stg.
  • Added collect with target collections as default methods in primitiveIterable.stg.
  • Made SummaryStatistics Serializable.
  • Implemented summingBigDecimal, sumByBigDecimal, summingBigInteger, sumByBigInteger on Collectors2.
  • Implemented BigDecimalSummaryStatistics and BigIntegerSummaryStatistics.
  • Implemented SummaryStatistics and Collectors2.summarizing.
  • Integrated JaCoCo for test coverage.
  • Implemented flatCollect on Collectors2.
  • Modified PersonAndPetKataTest.getAgeStatisticsOfPets to use summaryStatistics.
  • Added Abstract primitive Stacks.
  • Add public constructors to Unmodifiable and Synchronized collections.
  • Implement throwing method on functional interface factories which takes a user specified runtime exception function.
  • Implement spliterator on FastList and ArrayAdapter.


  • Changed collect and collectWith with target collections on InternalArrayIterate to use ensureCapacity for FastLists and ArrayLists.
  • Replaced anonymous inner classes with lambdas and method references.

Bug fixes

  • Removed JMH tests and generator codes from Javadoc output.
  • Updated links to point to the Eclipse Collections Kata instead of the GS Collections Kata.
  • Fixed addAll() method in CompositeFastList to return false on isEmpty().
  • Fixed exporting all necessary packages in MANIFEST.MF.
  • Added sign jar step as part of deploy build.


  • Added the Eclipse Collections reference guide.
  • Enriched

Acquiring Eclipse Collections







compile 'org.eclipse.collections:eclipse-collections-api:8.1.0'
compile 'org.eclipse.collections:eclipse-collections:8.1.0'
testCompile 'org.eclipse.collections:eclipse-collections-testutils:8.1.0'
compile 'org.eclipse.collections:eclipse-collections-forkjoin:8.1.0'


<dependency org="org.eclipse.collections" name="eclipse-collections-api" rev="8.1.0" />
<dependency org="org.eclipse.collections" name="eclipse-collections" rev="8.1.0" />
<dependency org="org.eclipse.collections" name="eclipse-collections-testutils" rev="8.1.0" />
<dependency org="org.eclipse.collections" name="eclipse-collections-forkjoin" rev="8.1.0"/>
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