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This project was "retired" during Kepler release, as we moved to the
Tycho/Maven builds. Many of the scripts (and concepts) here were moved to 
the eclipse.platform.releng.aggregator project/repository ... in particular, 
many to the eclipse.platform.releng.tychoeclipsebuilder. 

The final version of this repository that was used to do a milestone build
as tagged with R4_3_M5a. The final vesion to do the last PDE I-build,
a few weeks after M5, was tagged with R4_3_FinalPDE. That would be the 
version to start with is the PDE Build was ever "restarted". 

See also retired 'org.eclipse.releng' project, which is closely related; 
tagged in similar ways, and retired at same time as this one.