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Bananeweizen and Thomas Wolf refactor: simplify collection.toArray()
On recent VMs, collection.toArray(new T[0]) is faster than
collection.toArray(new T[collection.size()]). Since it is also more
readable, it should now be the preferred way of collection to array

Change-Id: Ie1a23d2a278ccd677b9c92da9677864d1ba09cde
Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
Latest commit c3be20c Aug 6, 2018

Eclipse EGit Github Connector

EGit Github Connector is an Eclipse plugin for working with Git repositories hosted on Github. It is based on the JGit library, which is a Git implementation in pure Java and integrates with EGit which is the Eclipse Git Team Provider.

This package is licensed under the EPL. Please refer to the LICENSE file for the complete license.


  • In general, EGit supports at least the latest two Eclipse releases. For details, please see

  • Newer version of EGit may implement new functionality, remove existing functions and change others without other notice than what is written in the commit log and source files themselves.


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