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[historyView] Reveal selected commit on filter change

When looking at the commit history of a resource, a common use case is
to select a commit and then wanting to see how this commits fits into
the history of the whole repository. With this change, this is now
easier because the selected commit is automatically revealed when
changing the filter.

Bug: 324736
Change-Id: I3ee99773af88cf073315c3f7bf048b0fe2dd694b
Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <>
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commit 1ac0a293b2e54eebd4d7173ddc29d580e370a7c5 1 parent 33b55b0
@robinst robinst authored
6 org.eclipse.egit.ui/src/org/eclipse/egit/ui/internal/history/
@@ -345,13 +345,11 @@ void selectCommitStored(final RevCommit c) {
void selectCommit(final RevCommit c) {
if (c instanceof PlotCommit) {
- table.setSelection(new StructuredSelection(c));
- table.reveal(c);
+ table.setSelection(new StructuredSelection(c), true);
} else if (commitsMap != null) {
PlotCommit swtCommit = commitsMap.get(c.getId().name());
if (swtCommit != null) {
- table.setSelection(new StructuredSelection(swtCommit));
- table.reveal(swtCommit);
+ table.setSelection(new StructuredSelection(swtCommit), true);
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