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Diagrams and visual languages are a great thing, but getting the layout just right for them to be easily understandable can be tedious and time-consuming. The Eclipse Layout Kernel provides a number of layout algorithms as well as an Eclipse-based infrastructure to connect them to editors and viewers. The layout algorithms are plain Java and can thus also be used outside of Eclipse.

More Info

Example Layout

Repository Structure

The repository's structure is pretty straightforward. We only have a few folders:

  • build: Contains all the files necessary to build ELK in all its different forms.
  • config: Contains configuration files, such as our Checkstyle configuration.
  • docs: Contains documentation in the form of a Hugo site.
  • features: Contains all the Eclipse features ELK consists of.
  • plugins: Contains all the plugins ELK consists of.
  • setups: Contains our Oomph setup files.
  • tests: Contains unit tests. Note that we have a whole repository dedicated to test models.

Building ELK

Information on how to build ELK and the documentation can be found on our website.