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Gemoc Studio

This repository contains the code for assembling the GEMOC Studio hosted in the Eclipse foundation (see GEMOC project @ Eclipse).

It can be downloaded from (Older builds are available).

Getting help

The contact page lists all the various ways to interact in the context of the GEMOC Studio. As a user of the GEMOC Studio you'll probably be interested by the Mattermost GEMOC Users channel, the GEMOC User mailing list (to be created soon, in the meantime, you can post questions in the gemoc-dev mailing list) and the Github trackers (see next section: reporting issue for identifying the best tracker).

Reporting issues

In case of trouble with the studio, you can use one the issue trackers of the Studio. Since the Studio is an assembly of various tools and components, the precise tracker will depend on the involved component. A dashboard of all issues is available as a waffle:

(Please note that some older issues are still in the old repositories in the GEMOC github organization

Some additional trackers may be used on the repositories of the GEMOC github organization : typically those related to a given example ( ActitivityDiagram, ArduinoModeling, ardurobotmodeling)


If you wish to contribute to the project, you'll find some guidance and tip and tricks on the project github wiki pages.


Instructions about how to build locally the studio are available in this readme page or in the studio documentation.