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Eclipse hawkBit™ - Examples collection

Example projects that show how hawkBit can be customized or hawkBit compatible APIs leveraged.

Circle CI

API client examples

  • hawkbit-example-ddi-feign-client : Example client based on the feign project for hawkBit's Direct Device Integration API.
  • hawkbit-example-mgmt-feign-client : Example client based on the feign project for hawkBit's Management API


  • hawkbit-device-simulator : Simulates device software updates, leveraging the hawkBit device integration options.
  • hawkbit-example-mgmt-simulator : Example client simulation for the hawkBit Management API based on Spring Boot and the hawkbit-example-mgmt-feign-client.

Customization examples

  • hawkbit-custom-theme-example : Example for a customized theme for Management UI.