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hawkBit Device Simulator

The device simulator handles software update commands from the update server. It is designed to be used very conveniently, for example, from within a browser. Hence, all the endpoints use the GET verb.

Run on your own workstation

java -jar examples/hawkbit-device-simulator/target/hawkbit-device-simulator-*-SNAPSHOT.jar


run org.eclipse.hawkbit.simulator.DeviceSimulator

Deploy to cloud foundry environment

  • Go to target subfolder.
  • Run cf push


The simulator has user authentication enabled in cloud profile. Default credentials:

  • username : admin
  • passwd : admin

This can be configured/disabled by spring boot properties

hawkBit APIs

The simulator supports DDI as well as the DMF integration APIs.

In case there is no AMQP message broker (like rabbitMQ) running, you can disable the AMQP support for the device simulator, so the simulator is not trying to connect to an amqp message broker.

Configuration property hawkbit.device.simulator.amqp.enabled=false



The device simulator exposes an REST-API which can be used to trigger device creation.

Optional parameters:

  • name : name prefix simulated devices (default: "dmfSimulated"), followed by counter
  • amount : number of simulated devices (default: 20, capped at: 4000)
  • tenant : in a multi-tenant ready hawkBit installation (default: "DEFAULT")
  • api : the API which should be used for the simulated device either dmf or ddi (default: "dmf")
  • endpoint : URL which defines the hawkbit DDI base endpoint (default: "http://localhost:8080")
  • polldelay : number in seconds of the delay when DDI simulated devices should poll the endpoint (default: "30")
  • gatewaytoken : an hawkbit gateway token to be used in case hawkbit does not allow anonymous access for DDI devices (default: "")

Example: for 20 simulated devices by DMF API (default)


Example: for 10 simulated devices that start with the name prefix "activeSim":


Example: for 5 simulated devices that start with the name prefix "ddi" using the Direct Device Integration API (http) authenticated by given gateway token, a pool interval of 10 seconds and a custom port for the DDI service.: