bogdan-bondar and stefbehl Feature update target attributes ui (#711)
* Added update attributes button with label for status description to target attributes details tab
* Positioned the request attributes update button to the upper right corner using absolute positioning
* DDIFinalResult enum typo fix
* PR review findings

Signed-off-by: Bogdan Bondar <>
Latest commit 1aee329 Aug 2, 2018
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src/main/java/org/eclipse/hawkbit/ddi Feature update target attributes ui (#711) Aug 2, 2018 hawkBit rest docs (management & DDI API) (#688) May 24, 2018
pom.xml Master now on 0.3 Jun 11, 2018

Eclipse.IoT hawkBit - Direct Device Integration API - Model and Resources

The Direct Device Integration (DDI) API is used by devices for communicating with the HawkBit Update Server through HTTP.

Version 1

The model follows semantic versioning with MAJOR version, i.e. breaking changes will result in a new MAJOR version.


Build hawkbit-ddi-api

$ cd hawkbit/hawkbit-ddi-api
$ mvn clean install