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schabdo 0.3.0M5 docker images added
Signed-off-by: Dominic Schabel <>
Latest commit 248b3e6 Jul 31, 2019
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.sandbox Update website and docker files (#754) Oct 16, 2018
docker 0.3.0M5 docker images added Jul 31, 2019
hawkbit-update-server Feature enable cors (#854) Jun 24, 2019 Add new sandbox (#741) Sep 21, 2018
pom.xml Master now on 0.3 Jun 11, 2018

hawkBit Runtime

Folder Description
.sandbox/ Content of the hawkBit sandbox installation running on
docker/ Docker related files, such es Dockerfiles, compose and stack files to quickly start up an hawkBit.
hawkbit-update-server/ Spring-Boot application of hawkBit.
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