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Eclipse January Examples and Getting Started

What is this?

This is the getting started project for the Eclipse January project.

Getting Started

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Import the org.eclipse.january.examples project into your Eclipse development environment.
  3. Open the target platform file JanuaryExamples.target and press "Set as Target Platform" in the upper right hand side. The P2 URL of interest is http://download.eclipse.org/january/builds/latest/repository.
  4. Open the Basic Example and run it as a Java Application for a quick demo.

Next Steps

Browse through the more advanced examples.

  • NumPy Examples shows how common NumPy constructs map to Eclipse Datasets.
  • Slicing Examples demonstrates slicing, including how to slice a small amount of data out of a dataset too large to fit in memory all at once.
  • Error Examples demonstrates applying an error to datasets.
  • Iteration Examples demonstrates a few ways to iterate through your datasets.
  • Lazy Examples demonstrates how to use datasets which are not entirely loaded in memory.

Contribute to the Eclipse Datasets project.