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Jetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server project repository (jetty.admin)
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7.0.0.M3 added frozen IP log location
7.0.0 updated frozen ip log and page numbers
7.1.3 adding helios review docs
7.2.0 updated link to ip log and updated review date
7.4.0 7.4.0 release docuware
7.4.2 adding indigo docuware
7.5.0 updated with iplog link and tweaked git repo text
7.6.0 updated docuware
8.0.0 updated with iplog link and tweaked git repo text
8.1.0 updated docuware
8.1.3 juno docuware
9.0.0 add release docuware for jetty 9 release
9.1.0 add 9.1 release docuware
9.3.0 add docuware for 9.3.0
IPLogs added iplog
images added licence info
release-scripts script that generates the download directory struction
README.txt adding in initial release review document and a template
eclipse-jetty-templates.xml added template file
header-template.txt header-template
idea-jetty-codestyle-settings.jar idea codestyle settings
jetty-eclipse-codetemplates.xml moving code templates to admin svnloc
jetty-eclipse-java-format.xml Sorting java format (for easier tweaking)
jetty-project-plan.xml update project plan


Each release should have a directory at this location.

In each release directory there should be a open office document representing the ReleaseReview docuware as well as the IP log for that release.

Templates exist in the templates directory.

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