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Eclipse Jetty - Web Container & Clients - supports HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, websocket, servlets, and more
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jetty-maven-plugin Happy New Year 2016
jetty-monitor 485199 - Remove copyright blurb from pom.xml files
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jetty-osgi removed unused broken dependency
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jetty-spring Happy New Year 2016
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jetty-unixsocket Happy New Year 2016 (take #2)
jetty-util-ajax Happy New Year 2016
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This is the canonical repository for the Jetty project, feel free to fork and contribute now!

Make sure you have a CLA on file!

Project description

Jetty is a lightweight highly scalable java based web server and servlet engine. Our goal is to support web protocols like HTTP, HTTP/2 and WebSocket in a high volume low latency way that provides maximum performance while retaining the ease of use and compatibility with years of servlet development. Jetty is a modern fully async web server that has a long history as a component oriented technology easily embedded into applications while still offering a solid traditional distribution for webapp deployment.


Project documentation is located on our Eclipse website.

Professional Services

Expert advice and production support are available through

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