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@lorthirk lorthirk released this Feb 11, 2019 · 484 commits to develop since this release

The following issues have been fixed in Kapua 1.0.4:


Kapua-sys Account Can Have Expiration Date (#2149)
ID Instead Of Username In Child Accounts -> Users -> Created By (#2207)


Fix initialization in KapuaIllegalArgumentException (#2372)
Always use default Dropwizard registry (#2371)


Fix release 1.0.x Travis build (#2327)
Kapua Build Failing On "kapua-assembly-jetty-base" (#2139)


Device Assets Can be Changed Without Write Permission (#2357)
"Rollback To" Button Active Although User Does Not Have Proper Permissions (#2355)
Input Fields In Devices -> Configuration -> RestService Very Short (#2210)
Error Message Not Properly Showed In Devices -> Packages -> In Progress (#2313)
Kapua Reports An Error Although Command Executed Successfully (#2119)
Generic Undescriptive Error When Executing Incomplete Commands On Devices (#1807)
"Reboot After Install" Checkbox In Devices -> Packages Not Working (#2311)
Text Error In Devices -> Configuration -> WatchDogService (#2213)
Selected Service In Device -> Configuration -> Services Not Properly Highlighted (#2184)
Sliders In Device Event Block User From Adding Additional Columns (#1990)
Unable To Uninstall A Package (#2178)


Fix OpenShift deployment after Dockerfile based containers (#2136)
Adopt usage of Dockerfile in assembly modules (#2016)


Add Job Targets via Tag and Rename JobStepDefinitions names (#2368)
Error Message Regarding Job Name Not Specific Enough (#2308)
Generic Error For Cron Schedule If Start Date And End Date Are The Same (#2195)
"Ends On" Field In Jobs -> Schedules Should Not Have Mandatory Sign (#2286)
"Not Available" Client ID When Device Deleted Before Adding It To a Job (#2221)


SSL capability on Docker containers (#2003)


Different Icons For Errors (#1806)
True/False Fields Can Be Implicitly Selected (#1406)
Check Boxes Can Be Implicitly Selected (#1405)
Dropdown Menus Can Be Implicitly Selected (#1402)
Password Field Remains In Error State After Failed Login (#1963)


Submit Button Not Enabled When Changes Are Made In Users -> Edit (#2298)
No Error Message In Bottm Rigth Corner When Setting Expiration Date For kapua-sys (#2324)
Wrong error message when creating an already existing user (#2186)

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