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POJOs that implement resources in OSLC domains
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Lyo Domains

This repository contains Java implemenations of the OSLC Domain Specifications as defined by the OASIS OSLC Lifecycle Integration for Domains (OSLC Domains) Technical Committee.

There are 2 projects:

  • oslc-domains is a maven project that contains a set of Java classes that implement a set of OSLC Domain Specifications. The classes are annotated using OSLC4J, and are hence ready to use using the Lyo SDK.

  • contains a graphical model of the OSLC Domains. The model is defined using Lyo Designer, and from which the above Java classes are generated.


Depending on your needs, there are 3 different ways to use these domain implementations in your project:

Use the Java class implementations

Simply add the following dependency to your project, and you are ready to create instances of the Java classes:


NOTE! Make sure this library uses the same version of Lyo Core as your project, by updating the <version.lyo.core> property in the pom.xml file.

Use the Java classes with some modifications

If you need to extend or modify these reference implementations.

  1. Clone this repository
  2. import the oslc-domains project to Eclipse (or any other IDE) and modify its content as desired.
  3. run mvn install on the oslc-domains project.
  4. Add the maven dependency to your project as instructed above.

Graphically modify and extend the OSLC domains

You can also augument and modify the classes graphically using Lyo Designer.

  1. Clone this repository
  2. import both the oslc-domains and projects to Eclipse (Lyo Designer is an Eclipse plugin)
  3. Modify the model as instructed under use Lyo Designer to model domain specifications.
  4. generate the java classes, and make sure the generated classes reside under the oslc-domains project.
  5. Install the oslc-domains maven project and include it in your project as instructed above.
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