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391021 : Use 'Check out' as a verb

Bug 391021
Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <>
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1 parent fb361ed commit 01e127db8a2fbaa939ed8253f558e246ba3b6f5e @fbricon fbricon committed Dec 11, 2013
6 org.eclipse.m2e.scm/
@@ -14,10 +14,10 @@ = SCM Handlers UI
checkoutaction.label = Check out as Maven Project... = Checkout Maven Projects from SCM
-wizard.checkout.description = Check out Maven Project from SVN = Check out Maven Projects from SCM
+wizard.checkout.description = Check out Maven Projects from SCM = Check out Maven Projects from SCM
-wizard.checkout2.description = Checkout Maven Project from SCM
+wizard.checkout2.description = Check out Maven Projects from SCM Maven Projects from SCM
m2.wizard.materialize.description=Materialize Maven Projects from SCM
8 org.eclipse.m2e.scm/src/org/eclipse/m2e/scm/internal/
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-MavenCheckoutLocationPage_btnCheckout=Checkout &All Projects
-MavenCheckoutLocationPage_btnHead=Checkout &Head Revision
+MavenCheckoutLocationPage_btnCheckout=Check out &All Projects
+MavenCheckoutLocationPage_btnHead=Check out &Head Revision
MavenCheckoutLocationPage_description=Select target location and revision
MavenCheckoutLocationPage_error_empty=Select SCM type and URL
@@ -13,15 +13,15 @@ MavenCheckoutLocationPage_lblurl=SCM &URL:
MavenCheckoutLocationPage_title=Target Location
MavenCheckoutWizard_location1=Select Project Location
MavenCheckoutWizard_location2=Select project location and working set
-MavenCheckoutWizard_title=Checkout as Maven project from SCM
+MavenCheckoutWizard_title=Check out as Maven project from SCM
MavenProjectCheckoutJob_confirm_message=No Maven projects found, but there is Eclipse projects configuration avaialble.\nDo you want to select and import Eclipse projects?
MavenProjectCheckoutJob_confirm_title=Project Import
MavenProjectCheckoutJob_confirm2_message=No Maven projects found. Do you want to create project using new project wizard?\nCheckout location will be copied into clipboard.
MavenProjectCheckoutJob_confirm2_title=Project Import
MavenProjectCheckoutJob_job=Importing Maven projects
MavenProjectCheckoutJob_title=Checking out Maven projects
ScmUrl_error=Invalid SCM url {0}
-MavenMaterializePomWizard_btnCheckout=&Checkout All Projects
+MavenMaterializePomWizard_btnCheckout=&Check out all projects
MavenMaterializePomWizard_btnDev=Use &Developer connection
MavenMaterializePomWizard_dialog_message=Select Maven artifacts to import
MavenMaterializePomWizard_dialog_title=Select Maven artifacts

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