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MicroProfile Documentation

The MicroProfile project has several sources of information and collaboration. Since there is a large volume of activity, there is a need for important decisions to be recorded in one place for future reference. This is the aim of this repository.

Current Resources

The Microprofile project is community-focused at its heart and aims to engage and encourage lively discussion through as many channels as possible.

Umbrella Specification

This repository is used to house the top-level umbrella MicroProfile specification.

Code, code, code

Several Eclipse github repos exist for the development of MicroProfile features…​

MicroProfile — Top-level repo used for the umbrella MicroProfile specifications and other Microprofile-related information (this repo)
MicroProfile Config — MicroProfile application configuration
MicroProfile Health Check — MicroProfile simple health check
MicroProfile Metrics — MicroProfile metrics
MicroProfile Fault Tolerance — MicroProfile fault tolerance
MicroProfile Rest Client — MicroProfile type-safe REST client
MicroProfile Open API — MicroProfile OpenAPI and annotations
MicroProfile JWT Authentication — MicroProfile JWT authentication propagation
MicroProfile OpenTracing — MicroProfile OpenTracing integration
MicroProfile Conference App — "Architectural Application" to demonstrate MicroProfile on a variety of vendors

A complete list of MicroProfile-related repositories within the Eclipse github organization can be found via this link.

Some of the repositories are hosted under the Microprofile github organization, including the following repos: blogs — Easy mechanism for updating the entries on the MicroProfile blog site site — source code of the application that powers the site

Eclipse MicroProfile and

The MicroProfile community has two portals to information. The main site is the Eclipse MicroProfile project. In addition to this portal to our community at Eclipse, we will continue to maintain our external site at Both sites will be maintained to promote the development and use of MicroProfile in the industry.


The MicroProfile wiki contains up-to-date information about the project development, tools and other documentation.

Google Group

The Microprofile Google Group is the preferred place for discussions to take place.

Mailing Lists

Besides the Google Group threads (main source of communication), there is also an Eclipse microprofile-dev mailing list which should be used for conversation specific to the Eclipse way of doing things. By using this mailing list, the Eclipse team can more quickly recognize and respond to our requests.

Since the MicroProfile project is still in incubation, another useful mailing list is the incubation mailing list for asking general Eclipse process questions.

Notable Contributors

There is a very large number of people and vendors already involved in the MicroProfile project. The most complete list of contributors can be found at our site. Specific to our Eclipse efforts, another page is automatically maintained at Eclipse MicroProfile for the Eclipse committers and project leads.